Need some help with my new Hard Drive!


So, after my old 120G HD failed due to what I believe was a head crash, at least it made some nasty sounds and kept locking up till it simply stopped functioning. I bought a new one directly from Dell which was sent to me a couple of days ago.

I removed the old HD, installed the new one but to my surprise it would'nt fit into the last HD spot. I had to install it into the second hard-drive space. It seemed fine, I just had to modify the setting so it would look for the second drive instead of the first one.

After that, I transfered some old files from an external HD and everything was great.

The problem started about 2 days ago. The HD is starting to make some strange sounds which I can't help but think are the symptoms of yet an other head crash failure. Now, it seemed to me that it is understandable that a year and a half old hard drive fails but the Seagate 200G I am currently using is not even 4 days old!

The reason of this post is because I can't help but think I might have done something on the laptop itself that might be causing the failure. Can it be the file I had transfered? The file is the set of World of Warcraft folders which I simply transfer to skip reinstalling the game each time I had to reformat the old drive. Could it be somewhat causing the HD to fail when reading that area.(I doubt that)

Could it be something about the laptop itself? Some random connection to the HD causing some kind of failure? I never stepped or shook in any kind of extreme manner the HD or dropped it from the top of my roof.

Or maybe just my bad luck with getting another borked HD? Do I really need to call Dell again to replace the HD ? :(

God, it made that sound again...KEEP STRONG LITTLE HARDRIVE!
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  1. My suggestions are multiple. Confirm you have the hard drive locked in place in the slot you placed it in, unusual it did not fit right, Dell provides brackets for the drive to go into then the assembly goes into the case. Check the fans for hair, dust, proper temperature operation. Download software to ensure they are operating at the proper temperature for your computer, that info is all available on the web, keep the machine cool at all costs, ensure the intakes to the fans are not blocked, and be sure you do not have large speakers next to the laptop.
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