Crossfire Motherboard with good overclocking ability?

Hi, I'm in a bit of a problem. I currently have a pretty decent PC that I built in february, but I cheaped out on the motherboard and i regret it every day. My current rig is

Gigabyte Ds3l
Diamond ATI Radeon HD 3850 OC'd
Intel E8400 @ 3.6ghz
320 GB Hard Drive
Windows Vista x64

I'm a big gamer, and my PC just comes short of maxing out the graphics while maintaining the framerate. I have 2 options. I can replace my 3850 with a Nvidia card that's more powerful. Or I can get a new mobo, with firewire, and throw on another cheap ATI GPU. I need to be able to overclock my CPU, and run crossfire. Price-wise it's actually similar to replace all or buy a new great card. So, what's a good mobo for OCing and has crossfire. Thanks,

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  1. I see an article about overclocking mobos.
    and on the top of the list was, Foxconn X38A, Blitz Extreme, DFI Lanparty LT-P35, Fonxconn MARS.
    So one of this mb sould overclock preatty good.
  2. i assume that is a gigabyte p35-ds3l

    i would go with a 9800gtx to get you fps up. both crossfire and SLI seem to have driver issues still with some applications, where a single gpu works fine.

    the X38 chipsets are good ocing boards with crossfire if you choose that way.
    i am a little surprised your saying its your motherboard, the P-35 is still considered a good OCing board even if a bit old now. and gigabyte are usually reliable, i would swap out for a nvidia graphics card i think your bottle neck is thier. 3850 all though good price to performance has its butt kicked by an 8800gt 512mb card on a pure performance basis
  3. Well, i've already overclocked my FSB on my Gigabyte-p35-ds3l. The question is really should I get a new mobo and throw on a new GPU for Crossfire or just put a different GPU on my current system. I could in theory buy a cheap ATI card, (>100) and a decent motherboard.

    i'm investigating that now.
  4. well the p35 chipset may be older but its no slouch yet. because were trying to improve your fps pick the graphics card(s) you want and then talk motherboards.

    looking at your rig the only let down is the radeon i think if you went a 9800gtx in thier or the 8800gtx you would see significant performance.

    choice between 2x 3850's and a 9800gtx i would go the 9800gtx it took 2x3870 chips to take on an 8800gtx and the difference was negligable.

    besides buying a nvidia card atm would give you the ability to purchase another one later on and an sli board when the time comes to upgrade.

    ATI's 4800 series although improving on thier last patch still seems to be behind Nvidia's cards, waiting on some proper benchmarks and comparrisions to come out but i think its safe to go nvidia atm
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