Need opinion for new system build!

Hi everyone,

I need your opinions for new system build. My budget is 1100 $.

Anyway, I usually use my system for gaming. Not programing or office. I don't plan O/C,CrossFire or SLI.
For a gaming system what is your opinions.


I decided for CPU is Core2 Duo E8400 3.0 Ghz
For Case ELITE RC-333 350W

What do you think?

NOT: On my living city there is no shop selling Geil RAMs.
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  1. CPU: Intel E8400: ~200

    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L : $86.67

    RAM: 2gb ddr2 800 crucial ballastix : $29

    GPU: 8800gts 512mb: $210

    Hard Drive: 500GB Seagate SATA : $110

    Monitor: SAMSUNG 2253BW Black 22" DVI Widescreen: $279

    PSU: Corsair 550vx : $55

    Cooler: XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 : $36.99

    Total: $1009.
  2. Umm thanks mihirkula,

    Now the CPU,GPU,HDD right. I will buy them.

    for mobo what do you think about EP35-DS3R ?
  3. replace the gpu w/ 8800gt 512 and get the ds3l
  4. EP35-DS3R is just DS3L with a little more bling.. chek its specs.. if you need it, buy it.. otherwise stick to DS3L.
  5. Sure you dont want a quad core?

    Why do you think you need an aftermarket cooler if you dont plan to OC?
  6. mihirkula, I don't know a lot of things about hardware. So the specs or the others I can't believe. I just buy a mobo, which will carry me in the future.
    And this is carry the next mean. I want a mobo which will handle the new CPU's or the next CPU's in the future.. (Sorry I don't know English very well.)

    nkarasch, I don't want Quad Core, it is too expensive for me. There is , In Turkey no shop selling most of brand's stocks. (Like GEIL,XIGMATEK vs.)

    But I want to know what is the specs. the differents, GA - P35 - DS3L vs GA - EP35 - DS3R..
  7. Get 4GB of RAM.
  8. Ups it is so hard for me now =)
  9. ok the Ep35 DS3R includes RAID...the ga-p35-ds3l doesnt....RAID is a technology that employs the simultaneous use of two or more hard disk drives as to achieve greater levels of performance......... its basically for hardcore enthusiasts....

    so i suggest you get the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L motherboard. This mobo supports all the penryns. The NEXT gen, which is Nehalem uses a different architecture, don't worry about that, theres still a lot of time till that becomes mandatory. Get the gigabyte DS3L, you would be very happy.

    And 2GB of RAM is quite sufficient. You can always upgrade later.
  10. The DS3R also has 8 SATA ports compared to 4 for the DS3L, for some people it might be too small (2 CD/DVD + 2HD then you're out of ports). You can find a cheap SATA card to compensate, but you end-up paying as much as a DS3R, without having the extra features.

    I got a DS3L with PATA DVD-RAM + PATA DVD + 2HD so I got 2 spares, if my PATA drive had been SATA, I would have opted for the DS3R.
  11. Oh I understand now. RAID, so far for me =) Because I don't know much thing.
    I only want a system without issues. And want to be play my games!

    You said GA-P35-DS3L.

    P35-DS3 what is this mobo include? Nothing + point from DS3L ? or they are the same card? or whatever.

    Emm one thing. You said Crucial RAMS. But in my country there is no shop selling Crucial, they are selling Kingston,Corsair,OCZ,Twinmos ..

    I decided buy OCZ Platinium 800MHz DDR2 CL 5-4-4-15 RAMs IS this compatible with DS3L?


    With SATA ports what can I do? Only DVD/ROMs like?
  12. PRotypeTR said:
    With SATA ports what can I do? Only DVD/ROMs like?
    SATA ports are used to connect both Hard Drives and CD/DVD drives 1 port can connect 1 device. The DS3L and DS3R also have a single PATA port that can support 2 devices, but I suggest only pluging CD/DVD in them if you get the PATA.

    PATA connectors look like this

    SATA connectors look like this
  13. Okey thanks, I'm waiting now..

    I will buy GA-P35-DS3L or GA-EP35-DS3R.

    Thanks a lot.
  14. SATA is used for hard drives and cd/dvd drives primarily. Unless you plan on adding alot later, the 4 ports should be fine.

    The OCZ Platinum should work beautifully with the DS3L. It is a good choice.

    So, the consensus so far is:

    CPU: E8400
    Motherboard: Gigabyte P35-DS3L
    RAM: 2 or 4GB of OCZ Platinum
    Video Card: 8800GT 512MB or 8800GTS 512MB
    Case: Cooler Master ELITE RC-333
    Power Supply: OCZ STEALTHXSTREAM 600W
    Hard Drive: Seagate 500GB 7200RPM (such as 7200.11 ST3500320AS)
    Monitor: SAMSUNG 2253BW Black 22" DVI Widescreen
    Optical (CD/DVD) Drive: a SATA DVD burner, Samsung or LiteOn can be had in the states for about $30

    You might want to look into a new Western Digital 640GB hard drive. It looks like it will give better performance than the Seagate. However it is new, and I don't know what kind of availability you will find.

    Are you going to be shopping online, or local stores? Some choices are easier if we can look at the selection you have. The Corsair 550VX is a highly rated power supply, and can be bought very cheaply right now on

    Because you are not overclocking your machine, buy a retail processor (not OEM), since it comes with a heat sink/fan that works well enough for whatever processor you buy. It also comes with a longer warranty.
  15. I'm going to be shopping local stores. I don't want much thing.
    I just want play my games very well. And with this system I want to go 1 or 1.5 years. So I have to pay rightly...

    Maybe EP35-DS3R is a good choice. And the P35-DS3L also...

    If I buy EP35 I have to buy 8800GT
    But If I buy P35-DS3L I can buy 8800 GTS :S

    Pfff. I'm confused again...
  16. I would go with the DS3L and 8800GTS 512. Actually, I did go with those two about an hour ago when I placed my order on Newegg.

    For PSUs, use this list, and check out local stores to see what they have. Get a Tier1/2 if you can in budget. It will be worth it in the long run.
  17. If gaming is your goal, get the DS3L + GTS, that is what I got and I love it. Anyway your build only have a single CD/DVD and HD so you will have 2 SATA connectors left.
  18. Yeah I know PSU important. Okey guys. I would go with DS3L and GTS thanks everyone.
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