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Im currently using the eVGA 9600GT and was wondering if it is wise to increase the fan speed for better cooling if anyone knows the stock % for evga that would be nice , but other then that my card usualy idles at 55c and under load 60c but with crysis at high 70c and i have noticed a good decrease in temp when i changed my fan speed upto 50% which droped the temps down a good 4-6c but im not sure if i leave it on Auto if the fan speed will do that by itself and if so does doing this wear down my fan life expectency much quicker then intended?
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  1. hah thats funny, fan life expectancy? It will be fine, that card will die out long before any fan failure. The reason auto mode never goes too high is because they want to keep the noise down.Those temperatures or more than adequate for today's graphics cards. You shouldn't worry about it. ;)
  2. You shouldn't really be worried about fan life expectancy, even with the fan maxed out, I would expect at the very least 10,000hours. Assuming you use the pc for 6hours every day, this means the fan will last at least around 4.6 years.
  3. As said, the auto is designed to keep the card quiet and still within the thermal specs set forth by the manufacturers. You will not hurt the fan by running it faster. as long as the noise does not bug you, go for it.
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