Microsoft Office 2007 spelling and grammar check functioning abnormall

hi.. im having this problem with my microsoft 2007 applications specifically word, excel and powerpoint.. it has something to do with the spelling and grammar check dialog box.. i cant get pass typing a single word because this dialog box always appears.. and every time i click "ignore rule" or the close button another box surfaces which says in essence that the grammar and spelling check is complete.. upon pressing ok, it immediately appears yet again and again and again to no end.. ive already turned off the auto-correct function and just about everything else that has got to do with it.. but still the problem persists.. so basically i cant get anything done cause from the get go i am encumbered by this abnormality already.. i really really need help as i am a student and i cant stress enough how important these applications are in my daily activities.. any help would be greatly appreciated! =)
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  1. From how you wrote your post, no caps, dots all over, I can see why they are having fits.

    Although it should not do it at every word. Uninstall Office and re-install it. You will want to make sure that if you use Outlook for email you have all of your settings saved to restore them.

    It looks like the dictionary that Office uses to check for proper words either got deleted or got corrupted so it things every word you type is not a real one. Or you played around with some settings and turned something on by accident. After you uninstall Office, go to C:\Program Files and delete the Office directory in there to ensure anything corrupt does not stick around..
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