Windows doesnt recognize full capacity of my 500gb hard drive

Hello everybody
Two weeks ago I installed win7 on my system,but 3 days ago,bacause of some problems,I decided to uninstall it and to setup an older version.But unfortunately I had many problems to setup another one.Although I had the related DVD in DVD drive,after some seonds it asked for the DVD labeled Win XP.Anyhow finally I could setup win XP 2002,but windows only recognizes drive C with capacity of 100GB and I don't have my other drives as before.For your information it's NTFS.I decided to setup Win7 again but I was unable.What should I do?
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  1. First:     There is no older version of Windows 7.
    Second: There is no such thing as win XP 2002.
    Note:     Windows XP does not recognize large drives until SP2 or newer is installed.

    Take it to a shop and have a knowledgeable person re-install your Windows 7.
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