Rear panel sound problem with GA-EP35-DS3?


I read of some on-board sound problem that others have encountered but mine seems to be a bit different.

I use a pair of stereo speakers to play back sound and have no intend to go for the 5.1 sound system. And because I am not that fusy over sound quality nor concern over the extra load on my new CPU, the on-board sound system works for me too.

The front panel works fine for me. My problem is the back panel. At the back, there are (1) front speaker, (2) side speakers, (3) rear speakers, and (4) sub-woofer. I have tried to plug into (2), (3), and (4) but there is no sound. Only (1) gives me sound on the left channel and on the right channel, a very low volume with white noise. I suspect the front speaker only supports mono sound?

My question is: with a stereo sound system, can I still plug into the rear panel? Or that is purely reserved for a 5.1 system?

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  1. This is the first week of my brand new motherboard and even the front panel sound starts to get me problem. It keeps getting "unplugged" and "re-plugged in" automatically. Should I update the BIOS?
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