Dial-up issues.......I think...

I'm having a little trouble with some trouble-shooting. I've recently built a new pc for my mom. The issue seems to be with the dial-up internet (i know, I know ....dial-up IS the problem). Anyways, she seems to have problems with the system locking up after trying to and/or getting online. Some sites work ok, but they're exceptionally slow or won't load at all.

I'm not sure what the root of the problem is. I've got the same modem in my pc, which seems to work ok. None of the same problems.

Seperate issue - I'm having some problems with the mouse. When I first hooked up the new mouse, the it wouldn't recognize it. After restarting it it then worked. Now this morning I woke up the PC from sleep mode and the mouse was again unresponsive.

We've been restarting the PC a lot, to solve the frozen issue and to get the mouse to work.

This makes me feel like sh** since I built it for her....a budget PC, but a HUGE upgrade from what she had.

Western Digital HD 320GB, Intel Pentium E2160 Allendale 1.8GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core, SAMSUNG 20X DVD±R DVD Burner , MSI P35 Neo Combo-F LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard, APEVIA ATX-CW500WP4 ATX 500W Power Supply, CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800, ATI Video card (not sure on specs....I'm at work and don't remember the model).

Running Windows XP Professional.

ANY advice would be great for this.
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  1. Run memtests on the ram and make sure the thing isnt overheating. After thats done we can go further. Memtest86 over night after you know its not over heating.
  2. I don't think it's memory, but it doesn't hurt to eliminate memory issues. Write this to floppy/cd/dvd in cd burning software & reboot:


    Shut down, unplug power cord, press case power button a few times, disconnect all pheriperals, wait 5 mins, plug them back in, power on, go to BIOS, load default, make sure sleep mode is set to STR (suspend to ram), save & load up windows. If it freezes up or bsod's, up the vdimm by a notch. Do memtest.

    If you have any usb card readers/drives, unplug them for now.
  3. How do you run mem tests?
  4. get the download here and put it on a blank cd:


    after you have did the DL now reboot into bios and have the system boot to cd/dvd drive 1st. save then exit and now memtest will do the rest. you will know the errors when you see them if they are there.
  5. Why would the memory be the problem? I've had no issues with high speed internet (when connecting through ethernet). Only issues when connected through dial up.

    We've got another PC using the same dial-up and have none of the same issues.

    I recently replaced the modem and am still experiencing the same issues....the sites don't load, it says its connected, but won't load websites.
  6. Sounds like a comport conflict to me. Make sure the mouse and modem aren't using the same comport aand the same interupts. Have the mouse on a odd number comport and the modem on an even number comport. The interupts are different on odd and even number comports. It goes back to the days when there was no usb and we had more then 1 serial ports. AAAhhhhh yes the old days of computing.
  7. comport? interupts? Pardon my ignorance, but I'm going to need a little guidance on this. Thanks!
  8. look for IRQ stuff in the BIOS, you should be able to manually set PCI and PS2 stuff. Those are the commports and what not. I also agree with above poster, probably a conflict. The best bet is to get the cheapest DSL service, it's usually cheaper than dial up these days.
  9. nothing else is available....except satalite that has a $278 setup fee.
  10. bring up msinfo and check for conflicts, also check comports in device manager and see what your comports are.
  11. If there's a plug-n-play os option in bios, enable it.
  12. Comports are different already.

    There is no plug n play option to enable.

    Any other thoughts?

    Thanks again
  13. it also doesn't say any conflicts in msinfo.

    any other thoughts?
  14. Did you redirect Windows back to the modem after checking the PC with broadband via Ethernet? If Windows still expects an Ethernet internet connection it will bog down when your try and dial-up.

    Also, did you install the MOBO's drivers or are you running off of Windows generic modem driver?

    On a side note: Comport and IRQ conflicts? R U guys kidding me? I think either the parallel port isn't configured at the proper baud rate or the ISA modem is overloading the CPU. :lol:

  15. how do you "redirect" windows back to the modem? I've never had to do that with any of my other pc's
  16. If you ran network wizard and pointed to internet from another computer, Windows will be looking for Ethernet internet. It's been awhile since I did this but you should be able to just run "Create a new connection” from “network connections” in the control panel and point to the modem. You shouldn’t have to do this but at worst case, disable the NIC through Device Manager and then try again.
  17. BTW: U mentioned no DSL in your area. Check into cellular broadband for laptops. I'm using AT&T EDGE (no 3G by me yet :-( ) The PCMCIA modem is in a PCMCIA to PCI adapter card in my desktop. I also used a car phone antenna that is mounted outside of the house to get the signal < -80dB. The signal must be lower than -85dB or your speed will suffer. I typically get 20-26k Bps or ~ 200k bps on DL. UL is worse but only until 3G gets rolled out in my area.
  18. She has no cell phone :-(
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