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Hi Everyone,

I had hd that keep showing up as disk boot failure error. tried everything to fix and finally just put in another hd and loaded xp onto new hd. but i have lots of stuff on old hd (of course not backed up). so i installed the old (broken? one) back in as a slave drive. it shows up as a new drive. everything is still on it also.

How do I transfer the files? Actually which files do I transfer? Can i just copy the whole drive and paste it into the new hd? would that caue problems because techinically both hd have xp os on them now. what i am wanting to transfer is all the files for things like the printer, etc. basically everything but the os.

Do i need to run all the cd's i have for hardware, like the mb, graphics card and such that i have. which that stuff is on the old hd.

Games, my husband plays WOW, do we copy or does he go to the new hd to access it??

thanks guys, any help would be greatly appreicated.....

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  1. He becca, welcome! I honestly think the better solution would be to go through the trouble of reinstalling everything on the new hard disk. If you think about it, executing a fresh XP installation won't take too long—around the same time as copying everything from one hard disk to another—and you avoid any potential issues caused by XP having to work on a completely different hard disk.
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