Booting and applying an os to a locked pw and bios on a gateway mt6451

i basically have been told by my "expert" techs that there is no way to unlock a pww protected (locked) hdd and pw protected (locked) bios in a used laptop i had bought at a fleamarket. I assume companies do encryption on the laptops before getting rid of them , but was told they always take out the hard drives. Whatever. I doubt the thing is stolen and now am using it after loading parted majic (a partition tool that runs linux/ unix os I guuess, Im using ot now to write this. This is why i went with a hirens magic boot cd serach and tried the pw recovery and other dos programs to unlock the cmos, bios, whatever, and the locked hd. I want to install windows on this had vista on oit at one point, and the hdd ( a 120 ggb ) is pw locked as well as the bios..any sugestions..Im a fairly experienced learned by doing tech gguy, just want to clean up this hard drive, reformat, and install windows...any ideas on how to unlockk. From all the internet forums I find that gateway techs are clueless, wont help at all
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