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First off: Newegg. Now we all know the new core i7's basically flatten the old core 2 quads right? like 50% faster clock for clock in some applications, and can overclock easily. why, then, is the
Q9550 (
MORE expensive than the
i7 920 (

Next, why are the core temps either the same or within 1 degree, when one is at 0% and the other at 100%? don't believe me?

wtf. explanations anyone? I really don't understand how one "100%" can have a higher temp than another "100%" eg, Intel burn test or Prime95 getting higher temps than any other practical program.
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  1. Try real temp, maybe less buggy, or you might have a stuck sensor.
  2. no, it's not stuck, it regularly changes in other apps, prime 95 gets up to 65 C sometimes. certianly not stuck... its just weird it does that when GPU Folding at home. so idk if F@H is giving a false CPU reading, like confusing it with the GPU? looks funny though :lol:
  3. hmmm, weird
  4. i wonder if anyone else has experienced this?
  5. No clue, maybe try the Xtreme forums in the realtemp section if no luck here.
    I've been doing a fair amount of reading over there and Uncle web is very helpful.
  6. :lol:.

    any comments on the newegg pricing?
  7. I really don't
  8. another one for anyone thats actually interested lol... why is it my posts always seem to die? :/
  9. Have you tried 0.99.3. Could be a bug with older version.

    The reason why Core2 quads aren't going down in pricing is because i7 is a steep upgrade for alot of users. A cheaper upgrade for Core2 dual users would be getting a Q9x00. Intel knows this, they are pricing it lower, to get people moving into i7 platform.
  10. ^but even intel admitted i7 isn't a major CPU.. just a filler in for about 6 months. Mainstream nehalems (where they will get the majority of their sales from OEM's) in socket 1166 or something similar should be coming early next year..
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