Help me. I want to use HDMI on my HDTV to watch Netflix through my tv

i am a novice. Just tell me how I can stream my Netflix through my HDTV with HDMI cable. I have tried and failed, repeatedly. I have a subscription and have no problem watching on my laptop which has an HDMI connection.
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  1. connect your laptop to your tv with an hdmi or dvi cable whichever your laptop has. then in windows go to the desktop properties and enable the output to the tv. if your computer does not output audio via the hdmi connector then you will need to use the headphone jack as well.
  2. Thank you. I finally got smart and read my computer manual and discovered the buttons that enabled the output. Thanks to Fn/F5, I now have streaming Netflix. I enabled the HDMI sound and now have great sound. The picture is still a problem, though. I tried changing the resolution but that did not work. I'll keep trying, though, I won't give up.
  3. great! if your issue is resolved please close this thread.
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