What way to face cooling fans? PICS INSIDE>>>>>>

HI, just got an freezer 7 pro and i have no idea what way to face it / and what way to put my case fans.....
here is my temps under stress:

here are idle temps

here is a pic of the outside of case

Here is a pic of inside

here is another pic of inside ( in this one u can see an extra fan ontop of the hard drive

so basically the top blu fan is blowing IN
the fan above the hard drive is blowing IN
the BIG blue fan ( behind the heatsink ) is blowing OUT
the PSU sucks air from the bottom ( near the hatsink) and blows it OUT the back
The fan on the side of my case is blowing OUT

and the freeezer 7 pro fan is blowing from the front of the case to the back of the case

BY THE WAY i amm gnna be getting a second graphics card for crossfire ...( if that help )
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  1. Looks fine to me, though, I think your cable management could use some help :lol: (Though I really shouldn't say anything as mine is much worse). My only concern is the graphics cooling. Make sure they have sufficient cooling or dump their exhaust out the back (especially for SLI/Crossfire setups).
  2. I have set my fans completely different then you....so I will be interested in the additional comments. But here goes.

    On the top of a mid tower case, I blow the air OUT. Reason: hot air rises, and blowing it out is the best way to keep the system cool.

    Bottom Front fan, Blow in (make sure you have a filter, or your case will look like white christmas in few months.

    Side fans...Same as bottom Front.

    top back fan, out....again remove rising hot air.
    Power supply fan....out...per spec....

    So.....only real problem I see is that you are blowing cool air into the top, which only blends with the hot air rising in the case. You need to pull the hot air out from the top.

    Side fans....in to keep good air supply comming.
  3. bowhuntergs is spot on - my rigs are all setup the same way.

    Cut away the mesh grills at the back and top of the case to make them suck the air out better - plus they make less noise.

    If they temps are not good enough then do the same on the inlet fans.

    I just take the cases out to the shed and blow the dust out with the air compressor every few months ...

    Maximise airflow means the gear inside runs cooler, lasts longer, and you don't get lockups when straining the silicon with gaming / encoding and other tasks that push the thermal limits.

    I give you a D in cable management though ... heh heh.

    Get some of that plastic spiral loom ... used for electrical cables ... couple of dollars a metre.

    You will be surprised how much all of the wiring cuts down the airflow too.

    Post some pics when your finished.

    Good luck and thanks for showing us the gear.
  4. Cable management, as everyone has said, will definately help with temps. Also use the top fan as exhaust instead of intake. Other than that it looks good.
  5. I have an Antec 900 case. The top fan exhausts the air. I agree with them.

    Since warm air wants to rise, why are you fighting it. You should be helping the air do what it wants to naturally do.
  6. Hot air rises, lower fans should be blowing in, fans up near the top/upper back should be blowing out.

    Top fan/back fan/PSU fan blowing out.
    side/bottom/front fan blowing in.

    Simple as that.
  7. Yep, bowhunter is right. Don't fight physics; hot air rises. Make the side an intake, and the top an exhaust. If you're concerned about your GPU not getting much air past it, get one of those PCI-slot fans to put next to it.
  8. You can argue physics all you want, but with his limited intake, the top fan blowing in will give him lower temps. I know from experience, changing the top fan on my case from blowing out to in lowered my temps by 3 degrees.
  9. all i can say is that the fan on the side case pannel should certianly blow air into the case.

    cause you have allot of output but not allot of air going in.
  10. That's why you turn the side fan around to pull cool air in.
  11. with that case there are vents on both sides and a vent on the back. As the other's have said the top and back should be blowing out with front and side blowing in. The problem of negative pressure would be eliminated by the vents, the air will find a way in.
  12. Pretty much switch the top to out and the side to in. Then it's perfect.
  13. Hot air only rises if it's not being blown elswhere.
    More important than which position is how much force.
    Balance the in-out, and the rest just wont matter.
    In other words, if you have 80 cfm worth of fans, get 40 cfm to blow in, and 40 to blow out.
    If you can configure it so the top fan blows out, it will take care of any stagnant air at the top of the case.
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