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hello guys, this is my first post here, hope im doing everything the right way.
Im working on my new rig here, and i have been researching a lot in the last days. Basically i want to build a pc that im going to use for gaming and also for working (video editing: adobe premiere, after fx and 3d: 3d studio max, cinema 4d, maya and zbrush).
I basically wanted the best video card i could get for the price here with a good cpu.
this are the specs:
Video: MSI 8800 GT OC
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
MoBo: Asus P5N-E SLI
RAM: 2x2 GB Supertalent PC-6400 CL5 with heatsink
HD1(system): SATA2 7200 RPM Western Digital Caviar 160 Gb SATA300 16 Mb buffer
HD2(raid 0 for files(renders, cache, etc): SATA2 7200 RPM Western Digital Caviar SE16 320 Gb SATA300 16Mb x2
ODD: DVD±RW Dual Layer LG GSA-H55N W±20x DL±10 Black
Case: Thermaltake Soprano or SopranoRS101

So... Basically my issue is the following... im in argentina, so prices are quite high for pc components, and this is the best i have been able to get so far, im also planning to add a wacom bamboo fun later on...
The problem im having is that i need to choose between a limited number of PSU's for my rig and im very unsure of which one to get, im scared im just too close to the limit with the options i have or to have too much power(and pay too much extra money for the PSU).
My options are:
Antec Truepower Trio 550W 20/24p PCIe 3x12V PFC for u$s 178
Thermaltake Purepower 500W V2.0 24p 12cm for u$s 96
Vitsuba SAN-55 -2007 Colosa 550W DualRail for u$s 73
or Fuentes Vitsuba SAN-55 NewClassic 550W 24p/PCIe 2x80mm Tit for u$s 106

im not sure if the other psu's on the place im buying from will meet the needs for this pc...
http://www.ocstore.com.ar/productos.asp?opt=2&cod=32 here are the other options

So thats my main problem here, i just have no idea wich psu to go with, im not planning on ocing the cpu, im also aware that that mobo isnt the best choice to oc a q6600 but its so damn cheap at that store and supports raid at the southbridge so that makes it my best choice...

im spending a lot of money on this comp so i just want to make sure everything is ok since i will be buying it this coming week and it makes me freak out.
Thanks in advance for your help, i know you are all great :)

PS: does anybody know the difference between soprano and sopranoRS (the RS one is much cheaper and if it doesnt come with the optional cooler i can add it for nothing... so)

Edit: i forgo to say im not even planning on adding another gpu, i know the mother is SLI but im just buying it cuz its cheap (you have to think the 8800 is 380U$s here and you have to multiply every price for 3.20 (thats the currency of pesos here so every dollar im spending is 3 times more money (im spending an awfull lot here :P)))
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  1. I'd have to say that 500w or more are needed. It should be made from a quality manufacturer like Antec/Corsair/PCP&C/FSP. I'm thinking that the Truepower Trio should work just fine for what you want to do. It has 42A on the 12V rails, so will be fine for any single GPU solution and has a good warranty of 5 yrs. here in the US, but not sure if that is the same warranty your offered there. It retails for about $100 here, so that would be around the expected price range for a PSU of that quality would be.
  2. A quality PSU is worth the extra. It will save you a lot of headaches in the long run. I would recommend PC Power and Cooling 610 as a good one. I have ran my current system with a SeaSonic S12 550w but it's a pretty stout 550w PSU. I wouldn't recommend lesser brands in the 500w range. It might be enough now, but as time goes on the PSU becomes less efficient and can lead to system instability. I am a firm believer in overkill when it comes to power.
  3. thanks for the super-quick answers, however cisco, i have to stay on the options on the link provided since im buying the full pc there and that will give me a 1yr warranty on that store. lunyone: if theres a 5 yr warranty on the us then i think ill have the same warranty here, or at least i know i can ship it there and see if they will absorb the shipping cost, however the reason im posting here is because id preffer to go for the less affordable psu's, im a little bit scared since the vitsuba seems to work and its more than 100 $ less and i think it has 26 or 28 A on the 12v rails, however im not totally sure, but if you guys tell me i can save those 100 $ and put 2x500gb 32MB buffer hard disk instead then that can be just great
  4. I wouldn't skimp on the PSU, that is one part that you shouldn't shortcut on. I can't understand the webpage, but the companies that I recommend are the ones that I listed. I haven't had any issues with Antec RMA, even when I didn't initially buy the product. Not sure how they handle out of country RMA's, but I know firsthand how they handle them here in the U.S. If your here in the U.S. I'd just buy while your here, if not than I'd seek out a relative or friend who can buy it for you. If they are 3x more expensive there, than I'd consider that. It's up to you, but I'd buy a quality PSU over a cheap one and saving too much $. Now $100 difference might make things change, but that will be up to you if you want to "chance" it on a iffy PSU. Your already spending quite a bit on the system, so don't let a marginal PSU power the parts and possibly fry them when it goes. Not saying that will happen, but why take the chance.
  5. I have to agree with the others. I know it's hard to spend extra money on a PSU when you don't really get to see the added performance like you do with a video card, ram, or processor. With PSU's, either it works and you pay no attention to it, or it fails and brings about some nasty consequences.

    If you really have to skimp on the PSU, get at least the Thermaltake Purepower. I wouldn't even think about touching the Vitsuba ones.
  6. thanks again for the answers, im going to discard the vitsuba... you still dont think the thermaltake purepower 500w is enough? that on is still $96 unfortunately there arent higher thermaltake psu's and toughpowers are too expensive, my concern is that i tried running one of those calculators to know how much wattage my comp is gonna need and it was like Wow! 585 W, i dont trust the calculators, but i dont know...
  7. I would go with the Antec Neo HE if you can, otherwise go with the Thermaltake Purepower 500W.

    The 550W should be all you need for a non-SLI/Crossfire system. However, quality always trumps quantity.
  8. You might want to look at this list of quality psu's. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=108088 Try to get a tier 2 unit if you can.

    From the list of fuentes, I would pick the Antec neo he 500 or 550 unit. The 500 can deliver 38a on the 12 v rails, and the 550 will deliver 43a. With just one vga card, you only probably need 26-28a.
  9. Can't go wrong with PC Power & Cooling. The Silencer 610W is a great value for this high quality PSU - $119 @ the egg

    I just switched to this from a Corsair 620HX becuase my MOBO didn't like to play nice. I attribute it mostly to my DFI mobo, but still the rails on the PCP&C 610 seem a bit better than the Corsair 620HX
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