why is this so hard

Doing a new system build using windows xp pro. Cant seem to load the OS with the sata harddrive. Tried following instructions in gigabytes users manual. Is there an easy way to get this system going?

Specs are:

amd 5000+ black edition
crucial 2GB 800
seagate 320 GB SATA
cdrom SATA
g-force 7300GT PCI express x16
500W PS
xp pro
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  1. What do you mean by can't load OS? Do you mean you can't install OS or you can install OS but can't logging in to Windows?

    If you cant' install OS: Check your BIOS setting for the SATA drive .. See if its run on IDE or AHCI or RAID mode ... Set it to IDE, it should solve your problem. The XP is not natively support AHCI/RAID in installation, and you should provide the driver manually (from floppy) during installation ...

    GL ...
  2. I cant install the OS. In the bios under "integrated peripherals", the "on-ship IDE channel" is enabled and "NV serial-ATA RAID controller" is set to "all enabled" then the "Serial-ATA RAID config" is "enabled". I took the drivers off of the cd that came with the m board. So I think I have the right drivers.

    You mention something about "AHCI" I dont see anything in the bios that show that function.
  3. Do you want to install RAID? In this case you have to copy your RAID driver into FDD (floppy disk drive) and press F6 (if I'm not wrong) during the early stage of Windows installation.

    Well, I don't think you'll go for RAID or need it as you have only one drive. In this stage I will highly suggest to turn RAID off at BIOS. And run your SATA drive at Standard IDE. You'll have to see your BIOS setting one by one as I forgot where it's located (somebody helps plz). And I'm not familiar with your mobos BIOS.

    When you run at standard IDE I'm pretty much sure you will be able to install XP with ease.

    One more things: I know it's silly question, forgive me, but I will have to ask. You see your HDD in BIOS right? If not then forget all my advice before as we will have to do something really different.

    ps: regarding the AHCI thing, just forget about it. Not every mobos will have AHCI options, or sometime they name it differently, so you don't have to worry :)

    :) cheers ..
  4. Ok, I disabled anything that had to do with "sata raid" and left "on chip IDE channel" enabled. So then I rebooted and "ooops" I didnt format the drive. Just partitioned it. I guess I was trying so many different solutions I forgot that I didnt do this. Anyway now I am waiting for it to finish formatting. The floppy drive is currently detached from MB.
  5. ANTAS,

    Thanks for your help. New build is working super. I can't believe I spaced out not formatting the HD.

    I have a question: Are these SATA drives actually faster than IDE or better?
  6. they have higher data transfer speeds, but need a cache to take advantage of it. the actual read/write speeds are still under the IDE limit for mechanical reasons. maybe that is starting to change, but I don't think so.

    SATA also has nice skinny cables that dont block so much airflow. many consider that very good. SATA is also hot-swapable. so no need to reboot if you add on a drive for some reason (more of an eSATA thing)
  7. What area of cache are you talking about? On the HD, MB or CPU?
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