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If I get ATT U verse internet which is supposed to have speed up to 18 megs, what kind of speed can I expect to get on my laptop through the wireless router? I am totally confused. Some say with routers you can't get the same speed, but they are limited. ATT says I can get the same speed on the laptop through the router with the U verse internet. Any help out there?
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  1. First, the speed offered by ISPs is always qualified with statements like "up to" because your speed may depend on where you are in the loop and how many others are users the ISP has in the neighbourhood (and several other issues beyond your control).

    There are various wireless standards -- you may assume that any from 11g standard upwards will suffice for your max promised speed.

    BUT this will depend on how clear your reception is within your home (so again you lose I'm afraid).

    Buy a router that matches your wireless adapter. If you have the most recent 11n gear also buy router and adapter from same brand if possible as there remain some compatibility issues.
  2. Depends on your signal. A wireless connection is not as fast as a wired, but on wireless, a g router should connect your laptop at 54 mbps if you have a strong connection. If you have a bad connection, probably less. But if your incoming pipe is only 18, you should be just fine. However, if you have your own home network, then no wireless would not be as fast as being wired. For just surfing though, wireless should be just fine. Like mine, I set up a wireless G netgear router, and it's pretty quick for just surfing.
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