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I deleted a folder called D-MOVIE PROJECTS about 6 months ago and although id doesn't appear in 'My Documents' menu, it appears on every other menu when asked to 'Save To'. It's driving me mad because I almost save to it - as I have created a File called MOVIE PROJECTS when I tidied up the cupboard, so to speak, making everything alphabetical. I have deleted it about 100 times including the folders and files within it. I have deleted it from my Recycle Bin as many times also. What can I do? It's driving me bonkers.
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  1. Many programs perform a "save" operation to the last place you actually saved something.

    Next time you go to save something try "Save As" and manually save to a different location, one you like preferably.

    This is accomplished by clicking the little down-pointing triangle at the top of the save dialog box. In that box is where things are labeled as to where they will go. After clicking that triangle, a drop-down list will appear. You can choose which drive and folder things will be saved to. You can even select a drive and make a new folder if you click the "New Folder" icon in the save dialog box. The new folder may not be where things will go, it only made the new folder. You still have to select it as the target of the save.

    Is this what you were asking about?
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