* Arctic Silver MX-2 vs. OCZ Freeze Thermal Compounds *

I'm going to install my OCZ Vendetta HSF...which thermal compound will give me the best cooling?
The people's champ AS MX-2, or the thermal paste that comes with the OCZ Vendetta, the OCZ Freeze?
I was only able to find one review that compared the two, and the freeze was a tad better...just wondering if anyone has done comparisons, or has experience with these two.
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  1. the difference between good compounds is mabee 1c
  2. the difference between a "generic" thermal paste and an "high end" one are minimal. 1-2c at best. Use whatever you feel like using, it's pretty much a question of cost for everyone anyway ;)
  3. From all the reviews I've read, thermal grease technoloy (lol..) isn't going to play a very important role.
  4. I like mx2 because it's not conductive, always nice to worry about one less thing=P
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