Newbie - Workgroup W7,Vist,XP?

Hi guys

Apologies for asking a dumb question you must have heard a zillion times. :o

It's been a while since I networked, and would like to ensure I've not missed something in setting up a workgroup - could someone give this the once over please. :hello:


To connect two/four Windows XP, plus two/three Vista computers, and two/four Windows 7 computers onto the same Workgoup called 'CRAZY'.
- Four user names on each computer.

For each computer to access the Internet,
For each computer to be able to access a folder with Read & write access on the first Windows 7 computer - plus first Vista computer - so that can be accessed by ANY of the four users on any computer with any username.

For ANY of the four users onto be able to print from any of the workgroup computers to a networked printer.


Change computer workgroup name to CRAZY on all computers

On all computers turn on Network & Sharing Center and enable File sharing
Turn off Password protected sharing
On the first Windows 7 computer, use Explorer and create a folder called W7ARCHIVE inside the Public folder. I assume that means all users have full access.
Repeat for the Vista computer, calling it VISTAARCHIVE
On each of the other computers MAP a Network connection e/g. \\W7computer1\W7Archive folder.

On each computer go to Printers, and install a connection to the Network printer.
Go to each user account on each computer and ensure this networked printer is the default.


- Because of W7, Windows XP and Vista it is assumed that HomeGroup would not be appropriate. I also believe that the router is not ipv6.
- Although not in a home, it is in a church environment and therefore it is proposed to use 'home' settings topology.. Sensible??

I wish to avoid problems with permissions and anything I havent thought of.

Do I need to actually to create the same password on each username on each of the computers in order to write and read to the shared folder ?

Do I actually need to assign permissions on each computer username or change anything to be able to print to the networked printer?

Finally, there may be ad hoc access to the shared folders or printer from Wireless laptops.
Do they need to log on with one of the four user names - or can the laptops be configured to work with the CRAZY workgroup?

Any other suggestions?

Thank you.

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  1. I have a feeling you are going to run into trouble mixing all those windows environments. If I were you I would run a single computer with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server and put the shared network storage and printer there. You can then have all the windows clients connect to the windows file and printer shares on the ubuntu server (with samba)
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