Crossfire questions!

Hello i am about to crossfire my system and i have some questions and if you could just look over my system too and make sure everything will be ok that would be great! and if someone could answer my questons for me THANKS!!!! (System specs below)

1.) The power supply i have says its "SLI" supported and has 2 pci-e connectors, does taht mean it is "crossfire" supported too? and will this power supply be enough power to crossfire two 3870's?

2.) Do I need anything to connect the two cards to my mointor like this thing? (i know you need the crossfire bridge)

3.) I do not have a dvi monitor so i use the vga adaptor and i heard the some crossfire setups dont liek the adaptor and will not work correctly. Is this true?

Rosewill 550w SLI ready two 12v rails -

Asus P5E X38 chipset
Core 2 duo 2.66ghz
Corsair dominator DDR2 1066mhz
Asus 3870 512mb
74gb 10,000 rpm Raptor
Sunbeam Transformer case
Diamond 7.1 extreme sound pci card
three 80mm case fans, one 120mm
17 in. Proview vga LCD monitor
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  1. 1) Yes it's fine as long as you def do have two 6pin PCI-E. The have to be on difference rails.
    2)No your new card will come with a bridge interconnect. Tiz the only thing you need for Crossfire.
    3)New cards also come with a DVI to VGA adapter.

    You will most likely need to reinstall gfx drivers after installing 2nd card.

    *EDIT* Crossfire on a 17" screen maybe a tad overkill.
  2. 1) There are also 4pin molex to 6pin pci-e adaptors with each card.
    2) I use both xfire bridge connects anyway, although I found it only helped when I had a x16 and a x4 pci-e slots. You have 2x16's.
    You could drive a 22" w/s lcd with that rig once it's xfired- I do!!!
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