Greetings, Newbie over here

Hi, as you can see I'm a newbie here at the forums as well as the computer technical stuff, although I've always been an aficionado of it.
I've tried asking the following questions on other forums, and about 80-90% of the time the response is "go to TomsHardware", and thats mostly in the spanish forums :pt1cable: .
Basically the inquiries I have are the following and I would appreciate all positive feedback/improvements members of this community can offer. First lets start by saying, that I'm currently living in Venezuela although I'm from Buenos Aires. So, basically that means that most computer components are a real pain to obtain so I'm getting most of them thru Amazon since they accept int. credit cards, except the computer case which I can find some decent one over here. Also, besides having the pain to obtain the parts, they r usually worth 3-6 times as much as they r in the States. What I need help is if basically the PSU will be enough, the type oof computer case would you guys recomend so all parts fit nicely. So far this is what I'm buying;
1. Corsair 2GB PC6400 800MHz 240-Pin DDR2 RAM (TWIN2X2048-6400) (4gigs once I get vista)
2. I ntel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Quad-Core Processor, 2.40 GHz, 8M L2 Cache, LGA 775
3. eVGA e-GeForce 8800 GTX 768 MB PCI-Express Graphics Card
4. Western Digital WD3200KSRTL Caviar 320 GB SATA 3.5-Inch Hard Drive
5. Sony CRX320AE/U 52X/32X/52X CD-RW and 16X DVD-ROM Internal ATAPI EIDE Combo Drive
6. Sony DRU840A 20x Internal Dual-Layer DVD Burner
7. Asus P5N-E SLI Quad-Core nForce650i SLI ATX Motherboard
and the PSU which I'm not sure but im going high since its better than being short Thermaltake W0116RU Toughpower 750W Power Supply with Active PFC.
Thats about it i think, mobo I was'nt too sure so any help on that would help as well. And yea, I'm gonna be playing games, using it for picture editin as well (mainly). I would get an apple but my wife is not too fond of them. So I think thats about it.
PS: I now my limits, so a friend of mine who is a computer technician as a hobby of his is helping me assemble it. Thank alot (sorry 4 the grammar) :bounce:
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  1. 1. Go ahead and get a 2 x 2GB kit of memory, it won't set you back much more now, and you won't have to upgrade in the future.
    2. Nice
    3. Nice but you might be able to save a little by getting an 8800GTS (G92)
    4. I can't help actually, someone will though
    5. Nice
    6. Nice
    7. Well the 650i will work but if you need an SLI motherboard look at the 750i or 780i. If you don't need SLI then the P35 chipset motherboards will outperform the nVidia chipset counterparts.
    8. Thermaltake power supplies are not the best, if you can get Corsair where you are then I recommend them. Otherwise check out the power supply tier, I don't have the link... hopefully someone will provide it. 650w is plenty for this build as long as it is good quality and has nice amperage on the 12v rail
    9. Can you get Coolermaster cases where you are? the 690 is nice.
  2. 650i is a bad chipset. You should get p35, x38/48 or 750/780i. 750/780i support sli, p35 perform the same but much cheaper, and x38/48 cost the same and perform far better.

    For ram, just get 4gb now, it's cheap.

    Don't use the 8800gtx, it cost more but perform the same as a g92 8800gts.
  3. THanks for the fast reply. So 4 gigs, 8800GTS (G92) is almost 200 bucks less and it seems that its performance is very nice as well. Hard drive seems to be a go so far, mobo seems to be crappy so Ill start looking for another one. I found this corsair PSU Corsair CMPSU-620HX 620W SLI Certified Modular ATX Power Supply here is the link ""
    There's some models of coolermaster but they are quite expensive compared to others, ie its worth twice the price of the Case Thermaltake Armor Full Tower heres a local link
    As soon as I find a new mobo ill post it here to see the feedbacks.
  4. Agreed with the above.

    EIDE??? Yuck. Get SATA instead. Why do you even need that thing if you already have a DVD burner that can also read/write CDs?

    Edit: I think Thermaltake Armor and 620HX are very good.

    Here's a motherboard that could do:

    It's good and cheap. However, it won't give you RAID, SLI, FireWire. Do you want any of these?

    Edit: the DRU840A is EIDE too. I suggest you remove both DVD drives from your list and get a single SH-S203B SATA DVD burner instead.
  5. lol aevm you are right, it can also read/write cds as well, I got confused with another one which aparentlly couldnt which was strange. This is is what happens when you dont fully read the product descriptions. As far as RAID, Sli, and FireWire goes, as much as I would like to try those, especially SLi, for the moment I wont be doing it as long as I can use the 8800GTS (G92) with no problems. Baby steps for now. But I will in the future, as of now, you guys are right, the Gigabyte P35 seems to do the work perfectly and its quite cheap.
    THanks alot, really appreaciated all the input, I'll let you guys now how it all turns out once I get all the components assembled.
    PS: I'm guessin the Corsair 620W is a go, rigth?
  6. Oh yes. The only problem with it is price. It's even got very long cables, which is good if you get a full tower.
  7. So this is what I will be getting soon hopefully a week from now : Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Processor, Asus P5N-D Motherboard - NVIDIA nForce 750i SLI, Corsair TX650W 650-Watt Power Supply - ATX, 120mm Fan, Corsair Dual Channel TWINX 2048MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz >>>>x2, Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB Hard Drive - 7200, 16MB, Serial ATA-300,, EVGA GeForce 8800 GTX Video Card - 768MB GDDR3, PCI Express, SLI, and Sony DRU190A 20X DVD Rewritable Drive - 20x DVD±R, 8 DVD+RW, 6x.
    Now the final question is this,which i need a double check. The computer case I'm going for is the Antec 900 since it seems all components will fit. However it seems theres some discrepancy on this Case so If anyone has an idea please let me know.
  8. The Antec 900 always performs well, what type of "discrepancies" are you refering to? I for one am not a seagate fan, a friend bought 4 hard drives from them recently and only two still run after less than a month. Corsair memory is not the greatest, it is overpriced and can cause a few known problems. Unless you plan on overclocking memory, thats a skill for much later believe me, then you can save some money and buy Mushkin, OCZ, or G.skill. Once again the 8800 GTX costs more than the 8800 GTS G92 and only slightly outperforms it, and it costs more than the 9800 GTX which slightly out performs the 8800 GTX, its confusing so here:

    8800 GTX<8800 GTS G92<9800 GTX

    I hate the looks of my Antec 900, but it does every possible thing it is supposed to do very well. Also it is best to stay away from Thermaltake cases, the quality control and technical support are just not there. The motherboard, processor, and power supply are good, though I would recommend the PC Power and Cooling 610w if you can manage it, the Corsair is a good power supply, just not as insanely stable and reliable as the PC Power and Cooling, also EVERY PC Power and Cooling power supply is tested before it is shipped, I love that. Hope this helps.
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