hang ups, BSOD with p5n-t + QX9650 + 2x8800 GTX

I have a P5N-T deluxe, qx9650 not overclocked, 2x 8800 GTX in sli, and Gskill F2-8500CL5D 4GBPK 2 x 2gb RAM, x-fi fatality platinum and hyper 880W PSU.

since day 1, ive been having either BSOD or hang ups, both just in the desktop and during games (UT3, FEAR, and crysis).

I changed the RAM settings in the BIOS, auto detect gives 800 MHz, and turning on sli ready makes it auto detect 1066 which is the EPP profile speed of the RAM (even tho i thought this ram is not sli ready).

At one point I thought running it in sync makes everything ok but this is not the case as i have had crashes running in sync too.

I have ran it with just 2GB of RAM, no difference. also turned off sli mode, no difference either.

I also notice that the CPU temperature at idle is 55 degrees C. This seems too high, I am using the stock intel cpu fan that came with the retail cpu. reseating the heatsink and fan, re applying thermal compound made no difference.

I dont know where to point the finger really, thats why i am posting here.
I have taken two steps to see if they will make a difference : i bought ocz 4GB ddr2 800 RAM that is in the QVL for this mobo, and bought the zalman reserator xt for some proper cpu cooling as i suspect this stock fan is crap (the fittings are attrocious).

anybody can think of some other culprit?
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  1. Try some basic diagnostic software:
    1) memtest86+ through at least 2 complete passes with no errors.
    2) Orthos in "blend mode" for at least a couple of hours (or similar PRIME95-based stress-testing software).
    Of course, monitor CPU, GPU, and system temps during the software runs.

    PS - The Intel 4-pin CPU cooler is notorious for often being not-quite-fully installed. It needs to be installed *before* the MB in installed in the case, otherwise the pins will not likely all go completely through the MB (as verified by looking). Check out this guide: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/194385-31-part-assembly#t1184072
  2. 55 C at idle, if this is correct, is too hot.
  3. Seriously. Who buys a QX9650 and doesn't buy an aftermarket cooler for it?
    It's a 3.0GHz quadcore. It's overheating under load and shutting down.

    Recheck proper mount. The cooler must not move around when mounted.
    Check task manager to see if anything is loading it. Make sure you use proper temperature reading tools like CoreTemp/CPUID HW Monitor/RealTemp.

    If your temperatures are still above 50 at idle buy a new cooler (with backplate and screws to mount it .
    COOLER ($37):
    BACKPLATE & SCREWS ($7): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835233019

    EDIT: I think nvidia released some patch for "video corruption" today. That could also be the cause if those games you play have video cutscenes.
    Nevermind, it hasn't released anything :

    Good luck.
  4. Have you done any bios updates on that board?
  5. This is just a suggestion, but it's possible it's your soundcard. I kept having BSOD's and hangups for the longest time with no idea why until I had to uninstall my X-Fi card and all the BSOD's and hangup went away. Just my 2 cents.
  6. solved my problem 2fold:
    got a new mobo (evga 780i) and the zalman xt cooler. temperatures have dropped since remounting, now at 50C but its still too hot therefore time to bring out mr zalman.
    overclockers.co.uk themselves suggested they give me an RMA and I send the mobo back. (the p5n-t would never work with the gskill pc8500 RAM)
    told me to send the RAM back as well but whats the point, works fine with the evga.

    ive got a question about "real frequencies" and "marketing frequencies" that pc wizard displays here:
  7. EIST/C1E reduce the multiplier of the QX9650 to 6x when it's idle (while doing nothing). Fire up Prime95 and the multiplier will jump to 9x333MHz or it's stock 3.0GHz frequency.

    It's an energy saving feature. It helps the chip lower it's temperatures and improves efficiency. It's a good thing. :)

    If you want to turn that off disable Speedstep and C1E in BIOS.
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