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I've bought new cpu last week, Q9400.
I also overclocked it on 3.53ghz ( 100% stable, done 24 hours prime95 test and memory test ).
But my temps went on 69°C in max in hours.
Iddle about 45°C.
Fully used 2 hours max temp 62°C.

So i'm wondering is that tooo much ?

My specs:
CPU: Intel core 2 quad Q9400 (2.66ghz stock) 3.53ghz oc.
MB: Gigabyte EP35-DS4 (1768mhz FSB oc.)
RAMs: 2x 2gb modules Mushkin 800mhz ( 886mhz oc.)
GFX: Asus EN8800GT ( not irevelant i guess )
Powersupply: LG 550w ( not irevelant eather i guess )

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Those temps should be fine. 69C was on SmallFFTs, right?
  2. I used function named: "in-place large FFTs test (maximum heat, power consumtion, some ram tested)"

    So i guess i wrote right.
    Its just weird for me a bit :P
    I had before E6420 oc to 3.2ghz with stock cooler lol temps were about 72°C with prime on that one,
    But on new one i also bought new cooler
    "Zalman CNPS9700 LED"
    I just wana have this cpu about 2 years without problems, thats why i'm asking this.
  3. What does this actualy mean on intels page: "Thermal Specification: 71.4°C"

    Any ideas ?
  4. Try it on small FFTs test instead. See what the peak temps are - I bet they're higher.

    As for the thermal spec? It's actually for a different measurement, which is not reported by the core sensors. However, I would try to keep a 45nm quad under about 70-72C on the Small FFTs test in Prime95, because then it is almost guaranteed to run significantly cooler than that most of the time (almost nothing loads a CPU like Prime95's SmallFFTs test). If it's over 75, I'd probably try to get it cooler.
  5. ok thanks, i'll try !
  6. for how long shall i let it work ?
  7. Well, 71°C was maximum in 20 mins of streesing.
  8. I just wana know 1 thing,
    I just downloaded "RealTemp 2.70 " Program and it shows my temps almost 20°C lower then other programs i have ?

    I have folowing other progs witch show 20°C higher

    Anyone has any ideas !??

    Let me demosnstrate what i mean with a screen shot witch you can find here:
    http://img181.imageshack.us/my.php [...] mpsvg8.jpg
  9. 71C is fine on SmallFFTs. Sounds like you should be good to go. Also, your image link in the last post didn't seem to work...
  10. oww, i'm sory i will repost the img link.
    I realy gota know about those readings.

    LinK: http://img181.imageshack.us/my.php?image=coretempsvg8.jpg
  11. Looks like CoreTemp is using 105C for the TJmax, and RealTemp is using 95C. In either case, the temp is fine though, so I wouldn't worry too much.
  12. well the thing is, if real temp is right, i'd oc chip to 3.8ghz :P
  13. i have a q9400 too whats ur vcore and vtt core voltage??? i need 2 change the northbridge core too?? i want too overclock!! :sol:
  14. I got problems with ocing it higher lol :)

    am Core voltage: 1.275 all other voltages on stock, FSB 440 mhz

    Check out screenshot: http://img181.imageshack.us/my.php?image=coretempsvg8.jpg
  15. I am currently at 3.8 with a core voltage of 1.328 and FSB at 475. The core voltage was set by the motherboard (gigabyte ep45-ud3r) so I have not tried to step it down any yet. Load is about 52 and idle is around 30. Everything is stable so far. Is the core voltage too high though? Never overclocked before. But I was shocked at how easy this Q9400 was to get to 4 ghz. Too bad prime failed in 10 min at that overclock.
  16. lloool
    Temps are good,

    Well i tried with my Ep35-DS4 also with automatic voltage set and it runned 100% stable at 3.86ghz. but voltages were on 1.57 for vcore so i had to turn it down to 3.52 again.

    at 3.52 i use only 1.27 core voltage so its loads safer.
    Now i got this issue after i oc it doesnt apply my clocks, i gota reflash my bios tho :|..

    Anyway i was trying to flash my 8800GT to make it 1.1 voltage with nbitor bios editor and i'm getting flasshy screen always :(
    My temps on 8800Gt are always below 50 cuz its that asus's en8800GT version witch has cooler of top one. and it cools rly good.

    I hate overclocking some times hehe =))
  17. Yeah I just overclocked my 4870 with ati overdrive. I have no desire to mess with flashing the bios!
  18. Jacky444 said:
    I got problems with ocing it higher lol :)

    am Core voltage: 1.275 all other voltages on stock, FSB 440 mhz

    Check out screenshot: http://img181.imageshack.us/my.php?image=coretempsvg8.jpg

    On the screen shot it shows that your using a Q9450 on the top right corner. I wonder why is that.
  19. Hello,

    That is becouse my bios was not updated to last beta and it recodnized my cpu as Q9450.

    Its working fine now actualy :)

  20. Hello Guys can u help me out...
    I just bought my first platform...its a Q9400
    My core temps on Core Temp software are...
    Core#0: 30C
    Core#1: 30C
    Core#2: 36C
    Core#3: 38C
    (With nothing running)
    They are not stable i think...Coz you guyz have all the cores on the same temp....Y not me...

    One more thing...
    I bout a duel channel of Corsair 2x2 4GB DDRII....
    1 is working but when i put the other on in...it does not give display...
    I think the Ram is faulty but is there any way i could be wrong...!
    i have placed it in single also but it does'nt give any display...!

  21. Setup:
    Q9400 CPU
    EVGA nVidia 780i SLI board - ESA certified
    OCZ overclocking RAM (2x 2GB DDR2) (up to 533MHz core Freq)

    Findings: I'm running stable at 2720MHz, can push FSB to 1384MHz, RAM at 346MHz with 1.175V CPU Voltage and a Core1 GTL Vref of 0.065V

    After manually editing and removing lines from nVidia's performance utility file (now I know is a bad idea) it defaulted to 1.8V CPU voltage. Running at such as high Voltage (Intel's min is 0.85V max is 1.3625V) caused it to heat up to 102 Deg C - WAAAY above the 71.4 Deg C max therm spec. Only noticed it the next morning after I left it running all night. This CPU can take a hammering whereas it should've burnt up!

    Damage: At lower voltages (below 1.168 causes PC to freeze), otherwise it runs fine. I only say this as it also shows that Core 4 fails after a minute with Prime95 whenever overclocked with a low voltage. I never really tested or noted this down prior to tweaking ONLY the FSB until the voltages changed because of missing nVPerformance lines.

    Haven't gone higher yet as using stock standard Heatsink/fan
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