Does dominator fan work with any ram/?

I see that you can buy the corsair dominator fan for ram separately... but im wondering whether or not it works with any ram? e.g. would it work with my normal 2gig ocz ram? my friend thinks that it only works on corsair dominator ram.
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  1. No, I think it works with all ram as long as it isnt much taller than dominaor 3-5mm I guess...
    it is because it mounts to the clips that typically hold system RAM in place...
  2. I have one - It'll work fine as long as the RAM you install isn't much taller than a set of Corsair Dominators.

    It's noisy, tho.
  3. Ah right, thanks for the help!, so u reckon its worth getting ?
  4. My opinion?? Meh.. I took it back out and use a case fan instead. Quieter and moves more air.
  5. If I have money I`d get looks damn cool!! :D
    But I deciced for OCZ reaper hpc...they are very nice too, and silen...
    those dominator fans could get you 4-6°C lower temperature though..
  6. ok then thanks =D
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