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When charging battery, will the blinking red light turn to green when it's fully charged?
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  1. It should, and this should be in the Laptop forums. Unless you mean some other blinking red light that's maybe outside on the street, then you treat like a Stop sign and it will probalby not change when your laptop is charged.
  2. My problem has been solved. It just took longer than I expected to charge up.
  3. 9 Days according to the post :-) That IS a long charge.

    Should take several hours to fully charge, if it's fully empty, you may not get the green light for a while.
  4. No, it only took overnight, plus half a day, guess it was discharged more than I thought.
    Thanks again, problem solved, I just have to remember to make sure it's charged up more often, instead of waiting 3 months. LOL!! I don't use my laptop unless I go out of town for more than one day.
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