Problems with Gbyte DS3L after build completed

Specs of PC:
gigabyte ds3l
2 GB crucial Ballistix
Corsair 550w VX
AC Freezer 7 Pro

The sytem boots fine and runs fine at stock, however when I go into BIOS to overclock the cpu the comp just shuts off when I try to save my o/c and won't restart unless I flick the switch of the PSU. All I changed in bios is the cpu frequency. It is set at 200 stock and it shuts off at anything above that(tried everything from 201-260). I bought this CPU to O/c it and get good BFYB performace. Any ideas and suggestions would be much appreciated
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  1. have you tried a BIOS update , if there is any available?
  2. How are you overclocking? Need more info on what all your doing in the bios.
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  3. Make sure you ctrl @ F1 in bios then check the ram voltage and timings. On this board it is in +.1 up to .7 and base starts at 1.8 so if that ram is 2.2 make sure to move it up to .4 then change the timings after that start changing your cpu frequency and dont forget to up the voltage on your cpu if you are going to far for stock volts.
  4. seriously go to the gigabyte's web page and look for the latest BIOS firmware and install it
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