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I bought the Akai PT46DL10 from Sam's Club. It was $1700 and had a
very good picture sitting on the showroom floor. The TV I brought home
did not. Actually it didn't have a picture at all. No menu, no sound,
just a white screen. Although my phone call to customer care was very
important, nobody returned my many phone calls pleading for help.

I returned the TV to Sam's (not a small task) and tried again. The
second set had a bar 1/2" by 18" in the lower part of the screen. The
bar seemed to be showing the wrong image. It was as though the image
in the bar should have been somewhere else. The bar would come and go,
it wasn't always visible.

Sam's Club gave me a third set without a hassle. I've had this set for
almost a month and am thrilled with the HD images. They are amazing.

I do have a few problems and more questions. I suppose I should have
put the questions at the beginning of the message. I hope someone is
still reading this far.

Is there a way to make adjustments to the screen like the adjustments
to a PC monitor? The image on my set appears to be too tall and wider
at the top. This is most obvious when I connect my computer. The top
of the window is off the screen; the menu bar isn't visible. I can use
features available from the video card to modify the signal going to
the TV. I can make the window fit on the TV but that is a problem when
I try to play a computer game. The game overrides the settings or
modifications I made to the video card. The better solution would to
be able to adjust the TV. Are there adjustments that can be made to
the Akai?

Can I hurt the TV by changing the signal my PC sends to the TV? This
is probably my most important question. With the older CRT type PC
monitors, you can damage to monitor if you send the wrong signal.
As I was trying different adjustments to my TV trying to get the PC
screen to look right, the picture would bounce all around. The colors
would flash and change.

Are there moving parts in this TV? I read somewhere that when it is
quite you can hear the mirrors moving! Is that true?

Sometimes when I watch a high definition TV show after using my
computer, the image on the TV is odd. It is as though the screen is
"tearing" when the image is changing quickly. It is similar to what
you sometimes see with homemade DVDs, a lot of little blocks forming
the picture, but not exactly. It could be just a coincidence that the
funny picture happens after I use my computer, but I'm worried that
the TV is somehow suffering trying to display my computer images.

How about the Akai's audio? Is there a way to connect to an A/V
receiver? There are jacks for external speakers, but that signal seems
too strong for a receiver. I tried to use the headphone jack to feed
my receiver but the jacks seem to be an oddball size. I ended up
buying a fancy A/V receiver that took care of all the audio.

I wonder how many Akai PT46DL models are actually in the homes of
consumers. Will I be able to get service three years from now? Will
that "Lamp Package" be available when I need it? All in all, I'm sorry
I bought this model. I could use some encouragement.

Thank you for reading all this. I hope someone can help me with my

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    >If you use the component in and do not connect the audio in then you have
    >no >ground connection for the component in. Picture tears as the sync (low
    >freq) is >degraded.

    I am using the component in (progressive) and I have the audio connected,but
    I still have the "tearing" problem. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
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