Crashes and Various Glitches/Artifacting After Direct X Update

Hello. My problem started after running the following dxsetup.exe, which was required to play a mod for the game Morrowind (apparently some files were missing from the most recent versions of DX): Everything seemed to work fine after this. I played the mod for a while, then yesterday I decided to buy Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Again, I installed, the game required a DX update which processed fine, and I played the game for a few hours and went to sleep.

The next day, my problems began. I noticed youtube, livestream,, or any web video player would crash after a minute or so. The video would stop, the sound would stutter and distort, and I get a brief black screen and a then the video player restores with a green screen instead of the video playing, and in my task menu a pop up occurs with "Nvidia Kernel 180.26 has crashed and successfully recovered"

Also, all games except seemingly Deus Ex have missing textures, artifacting, and various glitches and issues that were never present before.

It seems that one of the direct x updates really messed something up. I've tried reinstalling video drivers, re-running the direct x end user runtime from microsoft. Nothing works. It almost seems like it corrupted my video card! Thanks in advance for any help. It seems my only option now is to get a replacement card from evga.

System specs: Q6600 % 3.0ghz, 8gb DDR3 1066, eVGA GTX570.
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  1. There is nothing wrong with your video card. It's a directx misconfiguration. To start off, what version and service pack of windows are you running?
  2. Sorry, issue got resolved and I forgot about this thread.

    Windows 7 x64, sp 1.

    The issue was fixed after I re-ran the DX 11 update for Deus Ex. I'm assuming it filled in the missing DX files which somehow got misconfigured through one of the earlier updates.

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