after i7, when will q9xxx prices drop and which for OCing

When do you think we will see the prices drop for the Q9xxx cpus? After xmas? I have a e7200 at 3.8Ghz now, but i want to get a quad soon for several reasons.

Which should Q9xxx should i aim for? I want a good OCer. I would like to hit 3.2G or higher on air. Is that possible? with the lower multipliers for the q9xxx's will the higher cache help.

gigabyte ga-ex38-ds4
e7200 @3.8G
2 - 3870's CF
4G pc6400 (2x2G)
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  1. Considering the q6xxx's have higher multipliers and are cheaper, would a q6600 or q6700 make sense?

    could i get a q6600 to 3.6G on air?
  2. A Q6600 is good, but the Q9550 is better.
    The Q6600 can hit 3.6GHz on air, but so can the Q9550 and other than that the Q9550 also has a bigger L2 cache size. :)
  3. at this time on newegg the 9550 is $140 more than the q6600. Is the q9550 that much better?

    I know, more cache, 45nm, less power, less heat, etc. Does cache help that much. I play games, cod4, cod5, farcry2, etc.

    12-16months i will probably build a i7 rig once some the prices come down on components. So, for that timespan is the extra $140 worth it?
  4. Cache makes a difference in games, yes.

    If you're going to be building a brand new i7 in a year then the Q6600 is probably enough for you once you overclock it. 3.2Ghz on air should be fine with a decent cooler. 3.0Ghz is "Free" with the FSB speed of the motherboards (Q6600 = 1066, so up to 1333 of the mobo is 'free'). though I would consider just keeping your 3.8Ghz dual core until then since you won't likely see that big of a difference with CF 3870's (depending on what resolution you're at).

    Also consider that the Phenom II is coming in Q1 and so far looks like it's going to be a crazy overclocker and should have a good impact on prices.
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