Nvidia Describes Next-Generation Graphics Processor.


The new-generation Nvidia GT200 is projected to be released in Summer and Nvidia will start to brief the media about the product starting from May, the web-site reports without providing any additional details.

It is also not known whether Nvidia plans to continue using the GeForce brand-name for GT200, or intends to introduce a new trademark.
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  1. I hope they dont do another GX2, hate those things, I'd rather a GT and a GTX. Its about time they raised the SP, ROPs, TMUs, and other specs. The 9 series was almost a step backward. 768-512, 384bit-256bit, the 9 series performs a little better than the 8 series, but most in part due to the newer drivers for it. 8 series hasnt seen a driver since last year.
  2. Fud says late Q2 (eg. June 30):


    I'm willing to bet it will be delayed till Fall.
  3. Well, I'm just interested in the specs of the GT200, I think everybody here is dying to know. And believe me, we don't want anymore disappointments like the 9800 GTX.

    I don't care what they call it, just release it already.
  4. They'll get them out quick once ATI release their cards. They're not just going to sit back and let them regain market share.
  5. Long live the GT200! ;)
  6. Interesting, it'll be nice to see how it fleshes out.

    Looking more normal and not uber like those early 1.6 - 2 billion transistor figure numbers (which sound more like a dual chip solution if any part of that spec were to fit this new speculation.

    More important than theoretical performance estimation and tansistor count, I'm interested in what they plan on doing with the feature set and the shader ratios, that's where it may be interesting, unless it's just an amplification of the G80/G92 parts.

    Of the just under a billiong transistors, if it's 512bit memory then that chews alot of transistor buget ontop of that G92's 750mil, leaving an interesting situation for balancing the layout of GPU components, especially if part of the transistor budget is to keep the RAMDACs etc on die and not externally with another NVIO.

    I'll be really interested in their decision on where to focus their transistor budget. IMO now focus on the SPUs not the TMU and not the ROPs (although maybe increase the MRT count).
  7. I still think Voodoo 3 can top it!
  8. qwertycopter said:
    Fud says late Q2 (eg. June 30):


    I'm willing to bet it will be delayed till Fall.

    Both ATI and Nvidia will delay, I'm willing to wager anything! I swear they are really ramming us these years. I liked 2003-2005 the most. Very balanced out and very revolutionary graphical steps!
  9. VooDoo Rampage part D'oh !! :sol:
  10. I honestly doubt that the radeon 4870 will be able to take down a 9800GTX. Looking at the specs over the 3870, it isn't that impressive. There doesn't seem to be anything new other than higher clock speeds, and more parts. 320-480 shaders doesnt seem that big, seeing as how 4 out of every 5 shader is useless. so 480/5=96 "real" SPs. I'll have to see these cards before I believe it. The GT200 will likely have around 192 shaders, which is really good, considering the architechture. Anyway this card will be very big, power hungry, hot, maybe even worse than the 2900XT. It might even be inefficient like it too. They will probably release a mabufacturing tech revision with 55-45 nm processes. Kinda like G80-G92. We all know how hot G80 is.
  11. so is this basicly going to be another 8800 series core that is overclocked and relabled as something new.
  12. I think the 9900 series will be released this summer, but these will just be a newer G90 something core.
    Maybe a 55nm version that will clock a bit higher due to better cooling.
    The real G200 will be for the end of the year with new numbering/naming when the northeren hemisphere winter starts and more poeple think about gaming. Like the 10000 series or a complete new name to show it's the real new GPU we've been waiting for.
    This seems the most logical thing to do if I where Nvidia.
  13. And this also explains the G200/G100 confusion
  14. 512bit memory interface...
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