Bad mobo?

Just wondering if my mobo is bad.

i have a ASROCK AliveNF6P-VSTA mobo

So when i try to install windows vista it takes 15 minutes to boot up to select which language screen and another 15 minutes to select your partitions screen.

and im using a samsung dvd drive sataII and seagate barracuda 80gb hdd sataII to install vista.

so to see if my sata drives are at fault i replaced them with my working ide hdd and dvd drive and it still does the same thing.

and after i install vista i get lots of lock ups and bsods.
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  1. sounds like maybe a ram issue. get memtest86+ and boot and see if you get errors
  2. well i ran memtest and it lasted an hour and it came back with no errors

    should i run memtest longer?
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