Need a decent board to OC

I have a Q6700 and need a good Asus or Gigabyte board to OC with. I have heard good things about the Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L but I am not so sure about buying a motherboard the supports 1333 and 1600 FSB when the CPU is 1066 FSB.

Any reason you guys can think of that the FSB could interfere with normal use or even with an OC. And do you think it is a good board to OC with?
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  1. No

    and Yes

    The board is a great cheap overclocker for the Q6700
  2. It is good board, if the board has option of using higher FSB than it you will know that it isn`t your bottleneck...
    ds3l has only 4phase PWM...
    I`d go for DS3P, or DS4, cause they posses 6phase PWM, and this will be important on quad core CPU...
  3. Thanks. I went with the DS3P I normally don't OC my systems but i figured I might as well with this one since they take it so well.
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