When do I install things like motherboard drivers?

I just finished putting my computer together, and it works. (Well, until it tells me to insert the boot disk. :P) But I was wondering, when do I install things like motherboard drivers from floppy disks and such? Do these come before or after installing the OS? (Vista Ultimate) Thanks.
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  1. Vista will have most of the drivers. soon as you are in windows, you'll have your user account, configure the start menu and security settings how you want it, then pop in your motherboard disc to install the drivers. Video driver disc next, and you should have everything good to go.

    Following those drivers, install a virus scan. Google "AVG Free" for a good one. Follow that with running windows update, and programs.
  2. after.

    Create a restore point the first time you get to desktop and then every major stage after until finished (ie, after mb drivers, after video dirvers, after windows update, etc). Only takes 30 seconds each time and it's worth having in case something goes sour.
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