Early Xmas? Phenom II

Found this looking for the latest demos on the Phenom II's. Don't know if it's a reputable source? But heres the link


May put sugar plums in some people's dreams.
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  1. Very Interesting!
  2. The Inquirer posted that a few days ago. While I'd love for it to be true, that US release date seems very odd to me, since it is a Saturday. Even if true, the way I've seen it phrased elsewhere doesn't necessarily mean we can buy them off Newegg that day. It could be the day Newegg can start getting them and then will sit on them until the launch. Even if that is the case it is still good news since it means it will probably be a real launch (not paper).
  3. Ya, I haven't seen it posted anywhere else thought others would like to see it.

    I'm wondering about the financial implications. Seems when most companies are going to show lose for a quarter they try to hold back sales to push thier profits to the next quarter so they can meet or beat projected margins.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  4. @ unclefester

    I think AMD has learned the hard way, and their new offerings to the CPU realm will come when they're solid and sure they have a winner, completely free of any errata bug that could damage the release.

    As for me I'm a long time as they say AMD fan, as I am loyal to the AMD camp simply because I choose to be, AMD in the past has rocked Intels world down to its foundations, and I'm waiting for history to repeat itself.

    Does that mean I'm suffering because I'm not running the fastest available CPU at the time? Absolutely not! My setup does everything I need it to do, Period, I have the luxury to wait!

    Personally I believe AMD will have its day once more, and Intel showing its lack of concern is usually when it happens, just exactly like ATI spoiling Nvidias ruling crown, so the same with AMDs cpu line.

    So its obvious it won't be by Christmas, but thats good news, don't rush anything now AMD!, release your killers when you're good and ready, our day to luagh in Intel fan faces, is coming!

    Just mark this in your mind and remember I said this, it will be sweet! Ryan
  5. You must be tired of dancing with the Blue Head Group ( not a type-O). Wonder what kind of commission some of these guys get for posting on the Forums.

    Seen some pretty interesting Posts around the Web. I've had my fingers crossed even before I put together my present system. The 5400 BE was slammed in this 79-T to hold me over till Phenom II debut. AM3 would be nice but I think these Reaper 8500s (D-9) should fit well together and make decent combo. Hope to have the II in or about April.

    If AMD is holding back a little you will have your day in the Sun.
    I've Got Your Back Bro

    PS: I hit save ( if whiskey doesn't wipe out my memory)LOL
  6. Hello All
  7. bertscova said:
    Hello All

    Howdy bertscova, Welcome to the forums! :hello:
  8. Yo, Bertscova- hope you learn as much as I have in the short time I've been here. Now all I have to do is remember it. @enjoy
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