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i am trying to do a raid 1 mirror and gay win xp doesnt support it, i am thinking of buying a cheap sata controller. Its just gonna be for my 2 500GB Sata Hard drives. Can i get away with a 40 dollar card or do i really need a 300 dollar card? Just only worried about 2 cards, this is just for my editing system, not a server.

also, any suggestions as to a specific card or best priced one?
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  1. Honestly, the price does not matter, so long as it can support the type of RAID you want to implement.
  2. what is your motherboard, your chipset likely can do this raid for you withou an add on card

    get your motherboard manual to seeif it does or not
  3. my motherboard can its a asus I7 mobo, problem is, everything is jammed into my mid tower and with the way the sata ports are on the sides, theres no way i can add 2 hard drives without unplugging everything, much easier to just do this :)
  4. If you don't care software raid of hardware raid, those $40 raid card will do the job.
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