[Solved] 1055T direct3D hardware acceleration crash /w 6 cores

I've recently built a new system and I have been having problems with a few programs that I run. The programs list so far:

Nero Vision 4: crashes on startup
SageTV 6: crashes on startup /w higher than medium video settings (3D acceleration enabled)
Skype: crashes when other user tries to share their screen over video.

All BIOS, drivers and directX software are the latest versions. I have also tried rolling back to earlier versions without any resolve to the problem.

I've narrowed the problem down to having direct3D acceleration enabled in the dxdiag tool. Disabling hardware acceleration lets these programs function normally.

I've further narrowed down the problem to when I disable all of the cores of the processor except 1, the programs run fine with direct3D accleration turned on.

I've then tried testing the situation more by enabling more cores in different combinations. I've found that the programs are able to run with direct3D acceleration on with any combination of 4 cores enabled.

Whenever a 5th or 6th core are enabled however, the programs crash as before when direct3D acceleration is turned on. Therefore I believe none of the cores are faulty, but it is probably the software not being able to handle any cores beyond 4.

I found THG Task Assignment Manager which lets me make profiles for programs to have their affinity set to certain cores when they open. I have tried setting these programs to run on only 4 cores, but this has not worked either. I have to turn the cores off in the BIOS.

Some programs run ok with all 6 cores, while some crash unless I turn off 2 cores. Does anyone have any ideas or input? Would upgrading to windows 7 perhaps fix this issue, or are these programs just too old to function with 6 cores on any OS? I would like to be able to use all 6 cores, but I use these programs often enough that at the moment I am settling with only using 4.

Here is my build for reference:

Phenom II X6 1055T Thuban
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB)
HEC X-Power Pro 650 650W Continuous Power Supply
Windows XP Pro
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  1. Here is some information, although somewhat dated because it speaks only of dual core processors, (all there was at the time). The same problem exist in multi-core processors today.



  2. Thank you for taking the time to reply Tigsounds. I have the cool and quiet AMD driver installed and the AMD Dual-Core Optimizer Version 1.1.4 did not seem to help.
  3. I have discovered the solution to my own problem! It is discussed in this KB article:


    However the file for Windows XP sp3 is not available from their download list. The hotfix can be downloaded from:

  4. See, you really do learn something new every day. :)
  5. Hi thanks for your post.

    I've been having the same trouble with a Thuban 1055T 6 core Processor.

    For me the games/applications i specifically want to run are;

    Winamp (runs fine 6 cores, but wont do visualisation unless only 4 cores)
    F.E.A.R (runs fine with only 4 cores, either NTDLL.DLL or D3D9.DLL will crash if 6 cores)

    I have been using command line programs like "StartAffinity" or "PSIEXEC" to set them to run at affinity from a batch file.

    I have dual boot with Windows 7 & can let you know there is no trouble in Windows 7 like this. It just happens with XP.

    I really want to get F.E.A.R. running normally on XP though as even with assigned at 4 cores it runs slightly erratic, sometimes skipping a few frames etc.

    I will try some of your ideas though and the program you mentioned, Cheers for the post.

    My Specs;

    Coolermaster storm scout case
    Gigabyte 770T-UD3H m/b
    AMD Thuban 1055T x6 2.8 CPU
    ATI Radeon 5670 512mb DDR5
    2GB ddr3 ram
  6. This thread will be locked soon.

    You need to start a new thread with your situation described.
  7. The hotfix worked!!!

    You have no idea how long i tried to get this fixed...
    Reinstalling windows, drivers, directx, games..... EverYThinG!@!!

    Thanks to the original author ! legend!

    All programs run fine now.
  8. You're welcome! You have no idea what I went through myself trying to fix my problem, I am glad it was able to help someone else out as well!
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