How much can i lower 8800GT Sonic's fan speed?

I have a Palit 8800GT Sonic graphic card.I won't be playing games for a long time.So, i want to reduce its fan noise.
Is it ok if i use Rivatuner to lower fan speed?And how much can i lower fan speed without overheating the card?

(Like i said, i won't be playing games.I'll make music using Cubase all the time and watch films:)So card won't be stressed much i think)

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  1. No any idea? :(
  2. Hmm you could swap it with me and I'll get your some other card that plays the movies. Or what I would say is first get HWmonitor and see what you temps of the GPU are at stock fan speed after the computer has been on for 10+ minutes. From there lower the fan speed, put some type of load and when done exit, and take note to the maximum temp. In my experience I have seen my BFG 8800GT hit low 80's with everything at stock. If you want to make it deadly silent you could get adventurous and slap a Accelero S1 on it. And since you don't game much I don't even think you would need a fan.
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