High e4300 temps with coretemp

I built this computer in summer 07:

e4300 L2 stepping
Zalman 9700 pwm version with artic silver 5
Geil Ultra 800mhz 2gb
Antec P182

At stock speeds and with voltage set to auto (lower than stock, as i tried stock and temps were even higher) and the case fans set to medium, the cpu idles at 43 degrees celcius in coretemp 0.95. I'm not sure exactly what room temp is here in london, but i think it's around 24 degrees, as it is fairly cool.

Bear in mind that there are two case exhaust fans directly next to the 9700

I had speedfan before and it was 15 degrees lower, but was screwing around with the fan speed, so i uninstalled it.

In bios, the cpu temp is shown as 31 degrees and fan speed as 1700 rpm, which seems unreasonably high for the bios screen.

I have looked, but i can't seem to find it on the internet:

Does the e4300 (L2) have a tjunction of 100, in which case i need to re-install the heatsink, or does it have a t junction of 85, in which case i am happy(er)?
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  1. An oddity that has started now: every other time i turn the computer on, the hsf spins up to full speed, and stays there.

    I checked in bios and when it is at full speed, the temperature is 27 degrees. When it's not at full speed, it's 25 degrees.

    One time it even stopped completely, yet the temp was only 26 degrees.

    I'm also unable to change the fsb, as it just resets itself. While these issues may be linked, that's a weekend job to sort out.

    I'm so confused :(
  2. Lets see... going backwards:

    The RPM of the fan, if you have it hooked up to the MB header 4 pin, the feature smartfan will be adjusting the speed. With it enabled, it will turn the fan to full speed when it reaches a certain temp that you can change or specify. Looks like it set to go full speed at 27C.

    Now the E4300, if you get the latest Speed fan (4.34) it should have the right values for the core readings (core 0/ core 1).

    Seems the guide has been updated some, I think I'll wait till CompuTronix replies.

    But from what you say, I think your temps are okay:

    Scale 5: Duo
    E6x00: Tcase Max 61c, Stepping L2
    E4x00: Tcase Max 61c, Stepping L2
    E21x0: Tcase Max 61c, Stepping L2
    X6800: Tcase Max 60c, Stepping B2
    E6x00: Tcase Max 60c, Stepping B2
    E6x20: Tcase Max 60c, Stepping B2

    --60--/--65--65-- Hot
    --55--/--60--60-- Warm
    --50--/--55--55-- Safe
    --25--/--30--30-- Cool
  3. Download and install Real Temp 2.5 http://www.techpowerup.com/realtemp/

    Comp :sol:
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