16GB Micro SD: Best Deal?

The best-looking option I've found so far is on Amazon, a SanDisk 16GB microSD. Anyone know of a better deal?
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  1. Newegg has a Decent Selection.
    Prices are about the same and there is no charge for shipping on most of them.
  2. Thanks outlw! You're right about the free shipping making up for the slightly higher prices.

    Would you mind if I asked, based on your experience, what's a good microSD brand, in terms of reliability? I'm planning to get the Sandisk btw, unless you have a recommend for me to consider.
  3. Patriot, Apacer, Transcend, Sandisk, Kingston and many others I've used gave me no problems at all ranging from 32GB SDHC to 8GB microSDHC. As long as the stuff is not fake then you shouldn't have a problem at all if carefully handled.

    I hit up Slickdeals to feed my daily dose of searching discounted goods. ;)
  4. Tiger direct.com has a dane electric micro sd 16gb for $33
  5. This thread is more than a year old.
    Please do not dig up dead threads.
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