Why is my taskbar grey

im not sure what happened, but i came back to my computer
and my taskbar.. along with the appearance in my computer
is now grey. (orginally was blue.) how can i fix this?
already i tried going into the properties on the desktop but there is no use after rebooting the system again same problem existing.
so pleae kindly solve my problem..
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  1. Is your monitor dying? Have you tried another monitor to see if that one displays your colors properly?
  2. Gray taskbar sounds like the Windows Classic theme (from Win2K and older).
  3. The same thing happened to my notebook, which runs on Windows Vista. I believe this was due to the my deleting certain programs or files without realizing they were related to "Windows Aero". In my case my taskbar changed from some dark color (I think it was dark blue or black) to very light grey.

    Try this:

    a) Right click on your Desktop

    b) Click on Window Color and Appearance

    c) Check to see if there is "Windows Aero" in the "Color scheme" menu of the Appearance Settings window. Chances are it's missing.

    d) Go to http://support.microsoft.com/mats/aero_effects_not_working/en-us and click on "Run now"

    e) Once the program is downloaded and run, you would be able to change the taskbar color. In my case the program automatically changed my taskbar color back to black/dark grey.

    Hope that helps
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