Bind & Macro Guide updated

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The long-overdue touchup of the Bind & Macro Guide is now up on HEROICA!

Many accumulated fixes and updates, along with the I4 and I5 stuff.

I would appreciate everyone spreading the word, especially onto the
official forums. Thanks.

-= Victory Server =-
-= Shenanigunner: Level 39 Natural Tanker, Fire/SS, M
-= Sgt Glory B: Level 30 Tech Blaster, Electric/Energy, F
-= RorShok: Level 19 Natural Scrapper, MA/SR, M
-= R A Heinlein: Level 19 Science Controller, Ill/Rad, M
-= Justice Server =-
-= Jazz-Man: Level 8 Natural Blaster, AR/Devs, M
-= See you on HEROICA! -
-= The UPDATED Keybind & Macro Guide is now available!
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Thank you thank you thank you... your guide was a big help and
    appreciate it still!!!

    I recommend it to all I chat with ingame :)
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