8800 gs for 1/2 the price of the 8800 gt but near the same performance


Ok what do you think? i can get the 8800 gs for a cheap price of £60, while the gt is going for £120 , so is it work getting the gt? considering i will be playing at 720p-1280 by 720.
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  1. Wow, At half the price it's an excellent option, especially for your 12x7 resolution. But it is not almost equal with the 8800GT at higher resolution and or with fsaa enabled. It is about equal to the 9600GT maybe a tad better without fsaa and worse with fsaa. Anyway, I have one of each and for your res and those prices the 8800GS looks like the winner IMO.
  2. Cheers, yer its about the same as the 9600gt without the filters enabled.
  3. Here I rank a couple of GPUs
    8800GT512,8800GTS 512
    As you can see 8800GS is still a powerful chipset
    I suggest you to get GS and save some money.
  4. for only 60 quid? that's probably the only time i'd recommend the crockpot card...
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