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System Restore service deleted from install disk

Hello, I've got a good unattended cd of win XP russian, but the problem is that the guy who made it just removed "System Restore service" completely.
So after install there is no service like that in services and no config in system properties.

I've got some info after googling this and basically you should install an sr.inf file, which in turn asks for a few more files during the installation process. I've provided all the files from another XP but an ENG one.

After this the service refuses to start and I get an error 1083. Nothing I could use in the event log too. I've also added some registry values that I found in the other pc and on the net. Still 1083.

Does using the ENG files in RUS xp matter? I'm installing new xp RUS right now so I'll use RUS files to check it again.
Any other suggestions?


Update: Installed the RUS version of the files - same thing 1083 :(, plz help
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    Hello, I've got a good unattended cd of win XP russian, but the problem is that the guy who made it....

    "The guy who made it" is not the legitimate publisher.

    If you bought the disk from Microsoft, you could ask them.

    At this forum, we do not engage in helping users of illegitimate copies of programs.
  2. Hey man I'm here to ask a tech question no to engage in politics. Now making unattended XP cd is absolutely legal. A person installing it needs to use legal product key that's it.
  3. The forum rules are for what gets said here. Nobody is doing an investigation of sources, it' all in what gets said.

    What was said was that a third party supplied a Windows CD that has defects in it's copy, making it an illegitimate item for discussion.

    If you disagree, you can always request a moderator to delete my replies.
  4. Look I don't want to delete any replies, I just asked for help and was glad I got a reply. Imagine what I find when I get in? Exactly your post. Its just technical issue which can be in legal as well as in illegal copy, it seem to me like a waist of your time and mine by acting a police. But I'll take in advisement the way I formulate my posts in the future, thanks.
  5. У вас есть личное сообщение.
  6. Tigsounds is correct. This forum doesn't support piracy in any way. Your illegal copy is exactly that.
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