Help me pick a cooler for my i7 920

I'll be ordering my new system on monday some of the things that will be going in it are.. Intel i7 920, Asus P6T Deluxe, Antec Twelve Hundred w/ 7x 120mm fans, 1x 200mm fan, 6GB 3x 2GB Corsair Dominator 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600, CORSAIR CMPSU-1000HX 1000W. I'm going to OC the 920 to around 3.6ghz. My room temperatures average around 68-70 fahrenheit which is roughly 20-21C. And in the summer sometimes getting up to 76-78 fahrenheit which is roughly 24-25C. The two current coolers I'm looking at are the Cooler Master V8 and the Vigor Monsoon III LT Dual 120mm. Which one has been having better results of the two? And are there any better ones currently out that anyone knows of? If so, give me some feedback and recommendations please. Thanks!
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  1. I myself plan to do the same with my 920....once it f-ing comes in. I chose the vigor monsoon III for mainly this reason. The fan attached to it is coming off. I am putting 2 antec tricools 120mm on it for cool air + faster exhaust. I am going to power them though my scythe fan bay controller. the antecs i think push like 300-500 more rpms than the stock fan on the monsoon. But always explore your options. I also have tri cools going on my antec 1200 (once it f-ing comes in lol) for the optional fan spaces. Anyways, good luck with your build.
  2. It looks like I'm probably going with the Cooler Master V8 but not ENTIRELY sure just yet.
  3. I personally like the look of v8 better plus its no slouch either..
  4. Why not water cool it? You've already spent good money on the system and you have plenty of room with the Antec Twelve Hundred. I'm in the process of building my i7 920. My setup is similiar to yours but I'm using the Antec Nine Hundred and going with the Switftech H220 water cooling kit. Your case already has 8 fans in it do you really want to add another one? With the water cooling kit you can set the fans on low and still achieve great OC'ing. That's what I plan to do with my system. The fans are really only there for astethics and to cool down the other various parts of the system.
  5. i would get the v8 to but i heard it wont fit in a lot of cases without modding it. im not sure what i will do.?
  6. Noctua for the win.... dropped my cpu temp -10c
  7. Dont be stupid nothing would work under minus numbers! that Noctua coolers a mid range one as well its not even that good!! You got a fault temp monitor, get a feel the air coming out the back of your pc and tell me if it feels like its in the minuses! the best you can go for is the V8 or TRUE 120 Black/eXtream... just put a ruler on top of your cpu socket and measure up and you want about 160-165mm to fit a good cooler in there (do this with your mobo in thecase lol)...
  8. WOOPZ sorry i got what you meant, you meant that it knocked 10C off the temps! sorry! i'm a bit crazy today, been snowed inside for 2 days now with no college going a bit crazy my apolgisez! :pt1cable:
  9. What you guys think of Spire Thermax II heatsink? It's ranked in 3rd place by . Check it out here
    I'm building i7 system also and can't decide what heatsink I should get... Here is a list of parts that I'm planing to buy
  10. The cooler master v8 is a good cooler. Many people have been able to overclock their i7 to 4 GHz with it and have reasonable temps. I have one, but haven't overclocked yet. Being that the Spire Thermax is basically a Core-Contact Freezer, it is probably very good.
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