8800GT Drivers

A bit confused as to which drivers to use.

What are the latest, and therefore best drivers available for the the 8800gt. I had alrdy downloaded the latest drivers form the nvidia website (in preparation for my new card that arrived today). The downloaded ones were the 169.21. but the driver CD that came with the card has 169.32. If the 169.21 are the latest then how come they are not given a higher code number than the old drivers that were on the disk?
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  1. 169.21 are the latest "released" drivers for windows XP.
    Newer drivers are available but are "beta" status.
  2. XFX makes their own tweaked drivers...
    I suppose you do have a XFX card?
    Go to XFX site and register to download (no needed but easier when you check often)
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