Help with push-pins on LGA 775 cooler

I just got new parts including a Xigmatek HDT cooler for my LGA 775 platform and can't figure out how to secure cooler using the push pins on it.

Initially, should the tops of the pins be turned clockwise, all 4 pressed in simultaneously, then turned counter-clockwise?
That's what it sounds/looks like the directions are saying but I've tried that then with a little manipulation, the pins pop right back out.

I'm confused, help please.
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  1. Turn all four clockwise, push in one at a time in a x direction, they snap in no turning required. If you have to use to much force your mobo maight be flexing and hitting the mobo tray, not allowing them to seat.

    It is best to install with the mobo out of the case. I had a hard one last friday and I used a screwdriver to push it down. You could ruin the mobo if you slip!
  2. they should not be turned counter clockwise (this is to unlock the pins) the arrows are very misleading...

    On another note... the direct heatpipe thing from xigmatek is looking like a very good design, hopefully other manufacturers will pick up on this!
  3. hm, looks like Xigmatek got their directions wrong - says "to dismantle, turn pins clockwise", while intel's cooler, as ya'll are instructing, says turn counter-clockwise.

    When I push the pins in properly (remaining in a clockwise position), should I be able to pull the pins back out/pull the heatsink off with about 5 lbs of force?
    Seems to be happening.

    Ya I read the CPU cooler comparison article on benchmark reviews, seems several other companies started using their design. The review showed OCZ's vendetta 2 on top by just a little, but it was only on newegg briefly and out of stock, $15 or so more, figured it wasn't really worth it.

    Well, hopefully I'm good now. Will have to push on the anti-vibration fan mount stuff now, which does require a bit of force, so hopefully it won't fall off anymore.

    Is it ok if the heatsink fins bend a little?

    According to that site, when the arrows are facing outwards (aka, pins turned clockwise), the pins should not be able to pop back out.
    I just tested this and the pins popped back out very easily.
    Are these pins faulty or what?
  5. note, I do hear a click sound when the pins are pushed in, even so, they still are able to pop back out.
  6. It takes decent force to get in. They shouldnt pop out. Your probably hitting the back of the mobo tray not letting them in. Like I said it is best done outside of the case so you can use the necessary force to get it ion.
  7. ah, forgot to mention I haven't installed the mobo yet, so it's all being done outside case.

    the plastic parts are definitely all the way through the back.

    I'll post again if I have any more problems but it may be good now. Thanks for the help.
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