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I just bought a ps3 and it looks like garbage on my TV so I tried hooking up to my monitor by HDMI to DVI and found out my monitor isn't HDCP compatible. Does any one know of a monitor that is cheap and will have nice picture for ps3 games through HDMI? Ive looked around and came up short so if you know of one let me know please :sol:
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  1. This HD Video Transcoder might meet your needs without needing to spend hundreds of dollars on a newer monitor using your current monitor or tv.
  2. but i just paid $60 on a HDMI cable and a HDMI to DVI connector... Plus I have a 19'' non wide screen monitor with the res 1280 by 1024 pixels. Ive heard that it will stretch the picture out and make it look bad. Plus isnt VGA worst then HDMI ?
  3. VGA is worse than HDMI, but better than SCART which I assume you use to connect to your TV?
  4. Yea I'm using the wires it came with but my tv im using is kinda old. Although I did try it on another HDTV and it looked even worst.
    Would VGA stretch the image acrossed the screen or can you select to have black bars?

    One more thing i have a 8600GT graphics card that has dvi ports I plugged the PS3 to it but doesnt pop any thing up. So is this even possible to run it through the graphics card or is that only for output ?
  5. I just decided to go all the way. I'll just buy a new monitor and sell my old one thats the best way.

    What monitor specs should I be looking for like ratios and resolutions

    I'm going to hook ps3 HDMI to DVI to the monitor so it needs HDCP I know any help on choosing a monitor? I'm looking to buy from but if you know of another place it doesnt really matter

    finally found one under 300
    Found another one that I think is better because of price and 2'' bigger
    Which one is truly better and why? also I just started wondering if I bought a TV tuner card would I be able to watch TV in HD ?
  6. can't do n e thing with a video card. 22" is small.
  7. 22'' isn't small to me. this is what I'm going to buy. The only thing is that it is 16:10 and ps3 is 16:9 , but I've read people say that there is really no difference at all. Plus it will run ps3 at 1080p, can't wait till I buy it tomorrow.
  8. Hi all

    I need some advise on the ps3. I want to be able to use a 2 zone amp to play a cd or dvd on the ps3 and also play from the inbuilt harddrive. Is that possible? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. don't bother running 1080P on those monitors as it will be forced to downscale the image and in some games you will upscale just to downscale. 1920x1080 is 1080P those monitors are best for 720p.

    Besides at 22 inches you would be hard pressed to know the diference

  10. HELP i bought one of the HDMI to DVI wires also and i have a 22" flat screen Chimei and it says that it is out of range can it work if i do the hard reset on the PS# this Son computer entertainment America told me to do with my TV
  11. HOLD down the power button on the PS and it defaults to 480i. Your 22" might not support 480i. You might need a HDTV to pre-set the PS3 to a resolution supported by the 22" prior to using the 22" as an output display.
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