8800gtx or 9800gtx?

im planing on getting a new vid card very soon. these two are about the same price and i cant decide. i run on a 1920x1200@60hz monitor. I like that the 8800gtx has more memory and a bigger memory bus, but the 9800gtx has better clock speeds and such. which one should i get for high res gaming? Also, i plan on getting evga for the step up, because i hear the 9900 is coming around june or so. is this true?
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  1. also, i might be thinking about getting the 3870x2 from ati. its only about $60 more and i get much more performance. however i wonder if my corsair 550w can handle it?

    edit: also sohuld i wait for the 4000 series x2 card? will it cost about the same or more?
  2. Have the exact same question and same reason for liking both. The 8800GTX has more memory but the 9800GTX has more speed. From the reviews I've looked up the 9800GTX has roughly a 7% lead in performance but I'm still torn because of the more memory on the 8800GTX. I game at 1680x1050.

    I do like the fact that the 9800GTX is 299.00 which saves a few extra bucks.

    Whats funny is I also have a 550watt p-supply but mine is a thermaltake purepower and I'm also concerned about not having enough juice.

    I would make sure I got EVGA so I could use their step-up program just in case the new cards come out soon.
  3. in my (subjective) experience : having pure 450 watt power & supplyed by UPS works great.
  4. High res gaming would benefit more from the 3870x2.....if ATI/AMD would get there drivers figured out , as for the 8800 gtx vs 9800 gtx ,despite a die shrink and higher clock speeds and a driver update the 9800 gtx is a g92 core.If you can find a 9800 gtx for the same price as a 8800 gtx , go for it , but if you gotta spend extra bones for a 7% gain , no point you can OC the 8800 gtx to 9800 gtx lvl and save cash.

    As for PSU i would get a 700 watt good quality PSU......especailly if you are thinking of running a 3870x2 it draws a crap load of juice.Also watch the amps on the 12v rail , mine for example has 20 amps on the PCIe 12v , meaning i got 20 amps dedicated jus to my video card , from what i heard having a low wattage and low ampage to your video card can burn out your PSU and cause your video card to be unhappy.

    Hope this helps , and cheers.
  5. okay i saw an 8800gtx for like 270 after MIR thats EVGA. ill probably go with that, but i wont be buying until around may.
  6. 270 for a 8800 gtx ? Good deal i paid 299.oo for my gt back in Jan , lol shoulda waited lol.
  7. aw man. newegg isnt selling evga 8800gtx anymore!!! noooo
  8. Might as well get g92 8800gts on the cheap and oc it, which will outperform oced 8800gtx(due to smaller oc headroom of old g80) and stock 9800gtx.

    Don't be fooled by 8000s vs 9000s naming scheme. G92 8800gts and 9800gtx are powered by the same g92 core having the same 128 stream processors enabled, with 256bit memory bandwidth, and belongs to the same generation. 8800gtx is powered by older g80 core and belongs to an earlier generation.
  9. With that high of a resolution, it would be very wise trying to do dual cards (like 3870x2, 9800gx2 or sli/crossfire types). Look around at benchmarks, dropping below 30fps might cause issues and pauses.
  10. I'd wait if I were you. There's suppose to be awesome cards coming out soon from both Nvidia and AMD.
  11. i was planning to use the step up with 8800gtx. i want the gtx over the gts because of bigger memory and wider memory bus for better high resolution.
  12. Wait 1 to 1.5 month more for the coming awesome cards of new graphic series from Nvidia or AMD; those would be around 1.5X stronger than the existing grade. If you can't wait sure 9800GTX with more affordable price better performance and latest technology while 8800GTX is a bit expensive with poorer performance than 9800GTX.
  13. wow the 8800gtx is back on newegg. i still dont know which one to get though.
  14. makotech222 said:
    wow the 8800gtx is back on newegg. i still dont know which one to get though.

    See this benchmark of 9800gtx vs 8800gts at 675mhz core clock:
    Then see the price of this 8800gts at 678mhz core clock:
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