Error message cmd exe is infected

Hello,I have a few issues that may be a result from the same virus. 1. Pop-ups from Anitvira pro???. 2. Control Panel will not let me "add or remove" programs. 3. I am unable to "Run" anything from the start menu such as "cmd" or "appwiz.cpl", etc. and my computer will not let me open the Internet to download a fix but it will open itself on porn sites and such. I ran a scan from Avast but it found zero threats.
Please help. My children need this pc for homework. I don't want them on mine as it is running perfect. Thanks
I have read all of the possible fixes however I
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  1. Quote:
    I don't want them on mine as it is running perfect

    Gee, thanks dad. :non:

    Get Malwarebytes using your other computer, run on infected computer.
  2. This is from Facebook I'm betting, my daughter just infected my main PC a few days ago.

    You will need to start the PC in Safe Mode, run Malwarebytes, make sure you do all updates for it. You may need to run it a couple of times to fix the issue.
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