dominator vs. xms2

this thread starts like so many before it... i'm trying to figure out what kinda ram to buy. right now i'm looking at 2gb dominator 1066 CL5 or 2gb xms2 800 CL4, both from corsair.

i don't know much about overclocking yet, but my e2180 is currently sitting relatively stable at 2.8ghz, with the normal operating multiplier at x6 and x10 (of 280mhz fsb) in super power mode :P

the ram i've got in at the moment is 512mb buffalo firestix 1066 rated (running at 800 i imagine because i don't know how to oc it), timings 5-5-5-15.

what i wanna know is, should i go for the 1066 dominator with the looser timings, or just stay with the 800 xms2 with the tighter timings? how much does my mobo affect what kinda overclocking i can get outta the ram? it's an MSI 975x platinum powerup.

any suggestions?

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  1. I would go with the XMS2 DDR2 800 with CL4 becuase the difference between DDR2 800 and 1066 isnt noticeable also CL4 is better for OC
  2. I'll bet any money that they use the same IC's, DDRII 1066 is just overclocked 800 with looser timings so go with whicever is cheaper as they'll both do the same thing! ;)
  3. If you are into extreme overclocking, it's a good idea to check if they use Micron chips. Corsair is a good brand, either one will be good. Other good brands are Crucial Ballistix, Patriot, OCZ, G.SKill, Kingston. RAM is real cheap, why not go with 4GB's of RAM even if you use a 32-bit OS, 3-3.5GB usable memory is still better than 2GB.
  4. I have 2Gb Dual Channel Xms2 800 bus and its overcloked at 444-12 at 2.1v estabes anyfurther and Corsair will say to u **** off so dont go beyond 2.1 ...

    I only can reach 2.81 Ghz with a G31 motherboard from Gigabyte but changing the timings at 555-18 i can reach 2.997 (333*9) just inside vista ...using Easy Tunes 5 Pro ...i think is the ICH7 Chipset that dont let us reach 3.00Ghz in the Bios so maybe thats why the p35 Ich9 Southbridge allows it to reach that and beyond ...different Southbridge

    If u think that changing just the Ram will do anygood in order to reach beyond 2.8Ghz i would think twice ... look for a Msi Overclocking Utility for that instead and 555-18 or 555-21 to obtain that 3.00GHz goal...

    Good Luck my friend...
  5. hey thanks for all the replies there guys.

    just to let you know, i've gone with the dominator. it's got the mean looking DHX heatspreader sticking out the top :) couldn't get any of the xms2 with the DHX. i've got a cooler master gemini 2 so they'll get plenty of air flow over them.

    thanks again!
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